Why you should join the military.

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  1. Besides all of the amazing opportunities, money, and free education. Theres also some other things that might tempt you! :p

    Also there are special forces that are allowed to smoke with Afgani's since they live among the afgan people to pretty much be like them and dress like them.

    Please no political debate, I feel that the Iraq War is the most bullshit war we have fought alongside Vietnam. I do support the mission to liberate the Afgani people from the Taliban regime.

    lets dig foxholes here!
  2. Dare I say, Afghan Kush?

  3. Hahahaha!! This stuff is straight from the source! :hello:
  4. And you heard that where, exactly? Fox news?
  5. Hell no, fuck Faux News!

    From my buddies in the Army. Also some documentaries about special forces and CIA deployed in afganistan. They integrate themselves with the Afgan fighters who are against the Taliban.


    These guys are so badass they can do whatever the hell they want.
  6. The navy is muchy better:


  7. If that´s the reason you´re joinig, I ask you not to join. Only a handful of people get to be in those situations and special forces are less than 1% of the armed forces.

    You should join the military for something a little bit deeper.

    Still some kickass pics, I wouldn´t mind being in that situation. :devious:
  8. Im planning on joining the Marines.

    Not for weed.
    Not because I want to 'serve my country'
    Or even for the benifits

    I want the training.
  9. military would be cool
    but im hella out of shape
    so.......fuck that:laughing:
  10. i dont know if i could handle bootcamp. not the working out part, or the discipline.. but the waking up at the crack of dawn. it would fuck my world up. i would end up pulling a private pile..

  11. Really? You'd kill yourself for having to wake up early everyday?:rolleyes:

    Well, whatever I guess!

    OP, that first pic is sweet, lol. He knows how good he has it.
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    lol wtf no i wouldnt really kill myself.. but there would be bombs going off in my head every morning..

    dont be a dick because i HATE waking up that early
  13. loled
  14. god damn i would kill to be there for a day

    i'd get so god damn stoned

  15. Hahaha I know, I know, I hate it too. I mean I can get up at 6-7 alright, but I'm pretty sure they're up at like... what, 4? Earlier?
  16. dont you get drug tested in the military?
  17. I would get up at 05:00 for my morning jog and go to bed at around 22:00.

    First time´s a bitch, with the bugle and everything.

  18. There was a incident that happend a while back where people smoked with afgani's because its partly legal there.

    They got courtmartield.
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqP64k5wygQ]YouTube - Whitest Kids U' Know - Joining The Army[/ame]
  20. if u join to chief wit the enemy i hope u get shoot first, now if u really wanna serve and u jst happen to stumble on a afgan session then by all means, smoke up

    but foreal dont cief in thearmed forces, they kick u out for that . That wat my dad go kicked out for. its called dishonorable discharge aka no benifits.

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