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Why You SHOULD Get Your Own Grinder, And Roll Your Own Joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sativa Hangover, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. I know some of you out there will buy pre-rolled joints, or ask your dealer to grind up your bud for you. Well here's why you shouldn't do this unless you trust them.

    First off they could be grinding up who knows what else with it.

    Second you could be getting more seeds/stems grinded into it than you are actual bud.

    Anyone who knows at least something about weed should know that it's nearly impossible to get high off of seeds/stems.

    Less than 0.2% of stems, and seeds are made up of THC, which is what gets you high.

    "Good" bud usually has a THC content around 15-19%, while "dank" will typically have anywhere between 20-30%, and in some rare cases maybe higher.

    A gram of bud with 20% THC versus a gram of stems/seeds with 0.2% THC... do I really need to explain that one?

    Now I hope that none of you take any of this information, and use it to cheat other people out of their money, but at least this may help some people.
  2. Dank is usually lesser quality than "good" bud...
  3. Dude, are you in high school? No one I know or have ever known buys pre rolled joints from their dealer or asks their dealer to grind up their herb. When you grow up and play with the adults you will see what I am talking about. Wow.
  4. depends on how the people use the word dank. Around this way, dank means the best bud. Used to be chronic, now its The Dank. lol. Just slang. But yea, it means the best of the best.
  5. No clue how the terminology goes for you, but I'm using it something like this...

    Dirt below 15%

    Good between 15-19%

    Dank above 20%
  6. I literally do not know one single person who would go to a dealer and ask them to grind or roll it for them.
  7. I don't know many, if any people on here that would let their dealer grind their weed for the,.
  8. Maybe because they already know this, but there's people who out there who do it. I'm just trying to help them out.
  9. How many of u actually send ur shit to a lab to test thc?

    One mans trash is anothers treasure.
  10. When you've smoked shit, and you've smoked good shit you can typically estimate it. That's why I didn't try to give any exact numbers.
  11. Nah, I always chuck the stems in my pipe when my bag's finished and I always get a nice buzz from it.
  12. Not trying to say you should just throw them away just that it's better to have bud, than it is to have lumber.

  13. yeah, i guess it's different everywhere you go... Im here in the philly area and it pretty much goes like:

  14. Yeah, some of it's universal though like schwag, and dirt mean the same thing everywhere.
  15. Uhh u no u can take the seeds and stems out then grind it? There's still stems and seeds in bud sometimes... But seriously who buys pre rolled joints??
  16. Pre-rolled joints...

    I wasn't even aware that concept existed.
  17. I know people who only buy a joint or two at a time. They get it pre rolled from their dealer. I never really understood this but they say they can't roll and don't wanna pipe/piece so its easier for them.
  18. To be honhest i find rolling and grinding your self kind of theropedic in a way, take some time and grind it up perfectly and roll a nice crisp joint. Means you get exactly what you paid for, and you know exactly how much is in their. Great fun when your buzzed and you just roll to some chill music :D
  19. If I ever decided to sell and someone asked to buy pre-rolled joints/blunts, I would close the door and never pick up that call again.
  20. I sometimes get pre-rolled joints off my guy, but he's one of my good friends and I know 100% he doesn't rip me off, and has even told me what 'tricks' he does when he IS going to rip somebody off. I guess if you aren't close with your dealer, it may be different, but I figure it's always good to get close to him to get the best deals. :p
    Always nice to be invited around for a sesh too.

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