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Why YOU need to invest in an electric grinder

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PapaGanj, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Hello all! It been a while.

    Couple days ago, I had to clean my electric grinder....(one of my favourite things to do)
    And the amount of crystal was insane.

    The grinder had about a little over an oz busted through it. Which is about a month and a week of busting pure dank and letting it build.

    If you find that your marijuana isn't lasting as long as you'd like, or if you just want more bang for your buck, BUY an electric grinder!

    It's only 15 dollars at Walmart. And it is wellllll worth every penny.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1439386604.741912.jpg


    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1439386639.313006.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1439386660.928314.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1439386681.881491.jpg

    There was probably at least 3.5-5 grams of crystal, and budder. INVEST!
  2. how does removing more thc than usual help your bud last longer?

    i'd think it would have the opposite effect

    nice kief collection tho. probly tastes real good on top of a fresh bowl[​IMG]

  3. Let's hope you didn't scratch off any plastic when you scrapped it, but yeah looks nice
  4. that was pretty nice broski! i need a new grinder. the only problem with electric or 85 piece swiss army knife of grinders {not yours. just all of the stupid crazy ridiculous grinders that are out there} is that they are just too fucking aggressive with the ganja when the grinder is doing its job. almost like it is meant to break stuff loose so that you "collect more keif". i would rather smoke it whilst its still on the ganja.

    i do like the idea of a more...pacified version of grinders and the like. i use a grinder daily. 2 actually. both don't have any type of collection type of deal or anything. if you wait long enough you don't have to do an extraction or anything like that with alcohol or something similar. nugs of keif and gooey bits of resinous dank buddery goodness are ripe for the picking and easily come off of the grinder. then just plop them on a bowl, in a doobie or just collect it for later.

    what i want is a grinder that puts more emphasis on getting the keif that falls off naturally and less emphasis on "making" keif magically appear in its magical keif collecting deal. i kind of feel its a little like the tail wagging the dog...know what i mean?
  5. I just break it up with my fingers over the bowl and smoke that shit the first time around
  6. Looks like a mr coffee coffee grinder, I got one too...

    I use it for edibles, because I'm normally cooking with OZs at a time, the coffee grinder chops it to powder in like 15 seconds...

    It does catch a lot of dust though (the kief and all that)...I clean it after every grind because its only used for edibles so I make sure I get all I can get out of it at that point in time

    I use a santa cruz shredder for my smoking grinder
  7. The weed is still almost just a potent after a fluffy bust.

    I definitely think it's worth it even if I am losing a little bit of potency.

    Especially afterwards when I can smoke a popper with nothing but crystal on it, and get wrecked. Idk how you feel about poppers, but I'm what you call a 'dirty Canadian' lol.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1439429808.913129.jpg

    My girlfriend was smoking this as I was typing, so that is a popper. W/ kief and ganja. (And a small cut of cigarette at the bottom)
  8. Mines just a coffee grinder from walmart.

    I think it was master Kraft or something. *exhales* I don't know. Works wonders though. I was thinking about maybe using the concentrate for edibles. Figured they would be much better. Have you ever tried that? A q of crystal to a stick of butter?
  9. If I want kief I'll make kief. But for the bud I'm going to smoke I prefer to keep as much intact as possible. Invent a grinder that doesn't make any kief and you may have something.
  10. dirty canadian sounds like the kind of drink that ends up with a coyote ugly in the morning. a coyote ugly is where, upon waking in a strange place with the delirium of last nights "dirty canadians" still fogging your mind and shattering your bowels, you fear for your life if you were to wake the beast pinning your arm to the bed. so, you simply chew off your own arm and make a hasty escape out the window! [​IMG]

  11. People like you make me cringe. Middle finger up to you. fuck your weed, it's shitty so it gets the grinder. (last part was just because, because because)
  12. I am not a weed expert but I feel the force of an electric grinder may harm the heads. I will stick to the 4 piece grinder I already own.
  13. My weed is so shitty.... Ima bust that shit up good, and smoke it....... ? Is that what you're telling me? Because the consistency I prefer my flower at, and how I get it to that consistency have nothing to do with the over all quality of the bud.

    You're probably from the states anyways. Pfft tell a Canadian he ain't got good weed. I know how hard it is to find decent weed in the states if you don't know anybody, but do you know how hard it is to get dirt mursh here? Nobody pushes that shit.
  14. Those work pretty good. My buddy has one that vibrates the screen after he's done busting. That's a good amount of crystal while keeping most of it in the bud.
  15. The abuse of throwing good buds in an electric grinder may as well be dumping babies in toilets when you don't want them, but I don't judge my grinders. sticky nugs need fingertips that love to touch [​IMG]

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  16. Alright, well you wash that sticky shit off of your fingers, I'm gunna put a huge scoop of white crystal on my bowl.

    Maybe later I'll press some into some hash.
  17. nothin wrong with collecting kief. just tastes better when its still on the buds. you could make a good tax man tho fosho

  18. This is why I use two part grinders. All you're doing is removing trichs from your buds to save for later.
  19. Aren't electric grinders from Walmart made for coffee beans? dicey...
  20. They're called coffee grinders but they are also for tea, herbs and says it on the box it came in and came with grinding instructions for coffee beans, tea leaves and spices

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