Why you like being high

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  1. Wondering why you guys like getting high and have there ever been times in your stoner career where you didn't like get high ?
  2. same reason why everybody like getting high........IDK
  3. I like being high because:
  4. [quote name='"holdzy89"']I like being high because:

    Haha right on man I'm blazed right now and I feel like I'm riding a roller coaster
  5. what holdzy said
  6. [quote name='"chzburgerWalrus"']^ yup[/quote]

    Yup about ^yup
  7. because its or normal state of being.

    its not about geting high

    its about not going low
  8. ninja'd
  9. [quote name='"Buzzwell420"']because its or normal state of being.

    its not about geting high

    its about not going low

    Wow you are one wise man
  10. [quote name='"chzburgerWalrus"']


    Dude I'm so high right now that I thought I was hallunceating you writing yup haha
  11. When alone I find peace.

    But since i know that peace, i n longer require being high to obtain it.
  12. Because it's better than not being high. Only time I don't like getting high is when the people with me are paranoid or when the people with me freak the fuck out.
  13. i just like being happy and care free.
  14. [quote name='"aznno0odles"']i just like being happy and care free.[/quote]

    That's only the first part of the question?
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    i dont like getting high right now because im not committed for shit for anything really.also my anxiety shoots through the fuckin roof lately when i smoke and then i just dont talk.and also im broke as fuck, and a gram dosent last at all.basically any bag of weed under like a half or a ounce dosent last me more then a couple days or a week and my pockets HURT

    i still love to get high but it amplifies how your feeling. and right now i feel like shit.i dont think its all the weed but its not helpin right now so yeah. i also got to pass a drug test in 4 days for a job.
  16. I like being high because it makes me think in a different way.
  17. [quote name='"StonedProphet"']Its fun duh[/quote]

    Why though?
  18. It tunes me into a higher consciousness. Enhances everything.

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