Why you don't mix alcohol and weed

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    This was my baby. Dropped a little more than $200 on the whole set up.

    I had it for a good week or two. Then my girlfriend had a party, so I brought it along. After a few drinks this kid I have had problems with in the past does this to it.


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  2. Kick his ass??:cool: atleast make him give you the money..
  3. Damn . . .Sucks to be you. :smoking:
  4. bummer dude :(

    but it's more like "this is why you don't bring a nice bong to a party"
    rather than drinking and smoking a bong at home imo..

    either way, that sux man :(
  5. Oh...mann I feel for you. That just sucks. What did you do to this kid?

  6. I don't have a picture of my hand anymore. But i grabbed the stem of the bong and was like "What the fuck?!?!" ya know? then we got into it. Anyway we both ended up going to the emergency room. i got 17 stitched in my palm and he got like 8 in his head.
  7. ahh man idk what I would of done. I don't fight. ever. Just yelling and shouting but thats it...
  8. man that sucks :( did he end up paying you back??? he should at least do that
  9. Ha yeah I usually don't fight. But after many drinks and the shock of losing a very expensive piece....
  10. bro if theres gonna be more than 5 people there then my Real bong doesnt travel, but i do make a kick ass home made. lol

  11. Not yet. But he will ;)
  12. cut him with the glass
  13. man are you crazy or what dont you have a spare party bong yet ? never bring expensive glass to a large social gathering
  14. Ha it was a bunch of my friends. Like people I smoke with on a semi-regular basis. This fuckin guy just kinda showed up out of nowhere.

    I figured, hell it's only one sketchy dude. If things go south I'll go put it in my girls closet or something.
  15. so he ended up with 8 stitches and you got 17 and a broken bong? I think you came out of this one on the losing side. Sorry man, hope you get retrobution.
  16. This.
  17. So how'd he brake it?
  18. that sucks cut his throat with the glass lol
  19. Just went out the back door and dropped it on the cement. Everyone else was in the front room playing beer pong and shit and he was in the kitchen. I guess "he thought the cops were coming". Dude is a straight dumb ass
  20. wasn't worth the 200 anyway

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