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Why Would You Like To Thank Mary Jane?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by elitemisfit, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. What would you like to thank the sweet herb for? If it could hear what you had to say, and you genuinely wanted to thank it, go ahead and do it in a few sentences or more if you'd like. If you're seasoned and loyal enough to be in a forum, I know you've got something on your mind that will make you feel better once it's out of your chest. ;)
  2. Dear Mary Jane,

    Thank you for helping me through the years of bullshit. Now that I'm on top of my game, i will celebrate it with you Mary <3
  3. Thank you Mary for being there when everyone else is an ASSHOLE and bringing me out of the dark, ugly pit that is depression.
  4. Mary,
    Thanks for making dull things fun. Also for making fun things even better
  5. Mary Jane,

    Thank you for helping me get over my serious coke and OC addiction. Without you helping me get through that tough time in my life, I'd probably be dead in a ditch somewhere. You were there when no one else was there to support me and I am a much better, healthier, and smarter person because of you! <3
  6. Dear Mary Jane,

    I wish you could smoke yourself. Then you'd understand how tasty you are.
  7. dear Mary,

    thank you for making life less dull and negative in those dark times. :smoke:
  8. Thank you Mary for changing my views of the world, and helping me grow up as weird as i am.
  9. Dear maryjane

    I kno we've been together for awhile, but you still bring that same calmth, warmth, and relaxation that my mind and all our minds need.

    be still, maryjane will heal.

    lol wow i sound baked
  10. I praise the herb for allowing me to discover what truly makes me happy... weed :)
  11. I bow to you oh magical herb for making life better. When I get in a huge fight with someone, nothing is better than to spark up a bowl and just relax and re-think the entire fight and talk it over with the person the next day.
  12. Thank you mary jane for making realize who all these fake mother fuckers in this world are.. And now who I can trust and whose friendship is a waste of my damn time. Oh yeah, and for helping me set my priorities straight :D
  13. #13 DrewtOkes, Nov 23, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2011
    Dear Me Lady Jane,

    I love thee Like I love thee self, I consume thee Like I consume thy food. I cherish and find comfort in you, You are my first true love my near perfect woman.. You let me suck on you whenever I want.. You warmth me with thy THC make me all happy inside, You never get your period and have mood swings.. You never talk back.. and if you do.. it's just me trippin but it's always good baby.

    When I do find my Soulmate.. We will have threesomes all the time and none of my girls will trip :)


    That ***** Who Tokes .. Who?

    Drew Tokes.

    Thank you<3
  14. Thanks Mary Jane for giving me an entirely new perspective on not only myself but the world as a whole and making me a better person.
  15. I'm gonna copy and paste this to so them motherfuckers can see who they dealin with.
  16. And iiiiiiiiii just want to thank you, for given me the bestdayhey of my liiiiiiiife
  17. thank you cannabis for being there for me when no one else was
  18. For helping me meet so many awesome people. I was more of a loner before I started smoking the herb.
  19. Thank you for giving me a sociallife and improving my life seven-fold, i love you MARYJANE
  20. thank you for improving my life beyond what it was an giving me true happiness. ever since i've started smoking i've never felt more content with my life.

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