Why would a plant make only a couple seeds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TazzLAzz, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I had a couple ounces of some kush the other day. Like a legit kush strain i just don't know which one. Anyway when i was breakin it down. I found like 4 seeds throughought the entire bag. So does that mean the plant was polinated? Shouldn't there be more seeds? The bud is pretty trichome packed and hairy. So i'm just wondering if i should add these to my grow.
  2. Yes it could mean it was pollenated, either from itself (Hermie) or pollen from a previous grow etc. Though some ngrowers have reported seeds in their buds without seeing any signs of hermie, some believe its a last ditch attempt to ensure survival of its species, save the seed!

    Just because it has trichomes doesn't mean it will not have seeds or not be good, sometimes bud with seeds can actually even be better because the plant does its best to protect those seeds from the sun (trichomes) and with better water retention (trichomes).

  3. Oh okay thats cool. If the plant hermied or just produced seeds does that mean there is a good chance that they are female?
  4. Produced seeds without being polinated*
  5. I would definitely save those seeds and find out, though since you dont know the source of pollenation you could end up with males. When a female pollenates itself it only has XX chromosomes to work with thus the seeds are female, if a male comes into play it could go either way. If they are feminized there is still a chance that that particular strain can hermie on you when you grow it, something us growers try to take out of the genetic pool.
  6. Germ them up and see how they turn out!
  7. It's either a hermie or mildly pollinated . A male plant can pollinate a crop from blocks away and in that case there wouldn't be a ton of seeds.
  8. Recently, out of a whole ounce I found one seed. Kinda just popped out when I was breaking up a bud. it was the only one I found, I remember thinking "wow wonder how that happened" lol

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