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Why won't they take my money?!?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheeJayLopez, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. So I purchased from growers choice about 9 days ago..... Finally got the email stating they have received the payment and yet 4 days later I still have the money on my debit card, with no current or pending transactions..... I made the payment through electronic check and I'm wondering if I messed up, the bank messed up or did growers choice pay for my $#!+ ....? Thanks for sharing your experience.
  2. Have u e-mailed them?

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  3. You referenced your debit card and an elec check, may I ask, did you provide them your card info or account details?
  4. Negatory. Im kida just hoping they pack and ship and the money stays on the card... Lol .it's only a small order but free is free
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  5. Account info
  6. I guess I failed to mention they are sending some freebees for one out of three not being viable last time and also a gentectic issue with the strand that was confirmed by a couple more folks here on GC. ... That would be my thinking of it being totally free...
  7. Oh ok, yeah I don’t know, just make sure the funds stay available. Expect them to charge your account at some point. There’s protections in place for merchants that allow them to debit an account for up to 365 days with a debit card, with an electronic check however, a “check” is created an will (should) at some point be presented to your bank for payment. Blah blah blah, just be sure to keep the funds available so one does not incur overdraft/nsf returned item fees (which are typically equal in $ amount) and the bank would definitely hold you liable for the fees.
  8. Gotcha .yeah I definitely expect them to take their money sometime. Good thing about it is, it's a reloadable debit card from Walmart . The kind you can direct deposit your check to... So it counts as a checking account and gives you acct and routing numbers. Not that I'm going to knowingly steal, but it sounds like a way for the green dot bank to lose some money .
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