Why Wont They Germinate?!?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tommyboy6001, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. whats up guys I have had my seeds in RW for about 9 days now and still no sprouting. I keep them next to a window facing away from the sun there is no drafts i keep the RW moist and the temp is around 70 degrees so what is up with these seeds shouldnt they have at least sprouted by now?

  2. how old are the seeds?
  3. Crappy seeds ?
  4. i dont know how old they are and they're not crappy seeds they're a bubblegum hybrid
  5. wait like 5 more days and if they dont germinate get new ones.
  6. They sound like hollow ones man. BUMMER..


  7. Does elevation matter as far as germination goes?
  8. i like the wet paper towel in a ziplock bag for germinating... maybe u could try that
  9. Nah I don't think so.

    I wouldn't bother waiting any longer, I've seeds taking that long to germinate is unheard of. How many seeds did you try to germinate? Not all seeds sprout, and if you only have 2 or so you might have just gotten unlucky.
  10. I dont do the paper towel method i jus get a washcloth soak it with water squeeze some of the water put the seeds in fold it in half and fold it again then i put it in a zip lock bag dont have 2 re water it for about 2days this is way better because the seeds get more water like this
  11. ive done this many times bro .... So Listen

    step 1 get you a skoal can and a paper towel putt the seeds on the bottum of the can lay a peice of paper towel over the seeds now add about 5 or 6 juicy stems from ur smokesack (probaly the same place you get your seeds) fill the can half with water put the lid on and let it set in a dark place for 2 days oxygen is not important ....after 2 days i say fuck looking for sprouts plant them bitches bout quarter inches and they should grow within the next 2-3 days maybe 4 but on the 6th day nothin .... BUY Some Seed
  12. Dude wtf I had 11 good lookin bag seeds that I was trying to germinate in the paper towel method and 2 bubblegum hybrids in RW its been 10 days and none of them have germinated wtf is wrong with me I must be cursed is there something I'm doing wrong or does the Weed God hate me? Seriously what the hell. I decided to take all my seeds and put them in a jar under some paper towels. This is my last ditch effort to germinate these fuckers. I really want some plants.

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