Why wont theu realease the cures for cancer etc?

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  1. I feel like cancer research, aids research etc. Is bullshit. Think about it these "disease" foundations are bullshit. Theyre billion dollar industries. How the fuck havent they found cures yet? Or even gotten close. Theyve cured cancer in animals but cant find a cure for humans? It just doenst make sense. Then americans blindly donate to cancer foundations thinking their helping...na.

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  2. There's 200 types of cancer. Not easy to find a cure.
  3. No money in cures man. Lifelong treatment is the way to go.
    There would be a ridiculous amount of money in a cure, not to mention the scientific prestige of finding it.
    and like Doc said, cancer's an umbrella term, there's unlikely to be a universal cure.
  5. They may have cured cancer in an animal.. but you typically don't hear about all the nasty side effects they had to get through to get to that point. It's not a simple disease.. as Doc said, there's a ton of different kinds and each kind can have a number of different causes.
    You really should be putting the blame on the media. Media always fucks up science.. well not fuck it up, but makes it look haphazardly. Most of the time when you see a news article that says "cure for cancer found!", it wasn't. It is a piece of sensationalism to promote sales. What usually happens is scientists do their research and see a possibility. Something like they had 100 rats with cancer, but were only able to cure 1 of them. That 1 is their reference point to continue further research, but some twat at the news outlet creates a piece claiming they found the cure.. then people are like "da fuck, where is our cure?"
  6. I was thinking more about AIDS than cancer.
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    You mean HIV? Once you have AIDS you're pretty much fucked
  8. You don't understand...we as biologists barely have even a tiny grasp of the molecular interactions within cells at the micro-level, let alone have the capability of manipulating the molecules in our systems.
    What we understand in biology can be compared to the human timeline (tens of thousands of years) within the timeline of the earth (billions of years). It's line a hairline. 
    But if you actually studied and read through, you'd know in the past few decades, we have made HUGE leaps.
    Don't turn this into a conspiracy thing.
    Some are bullshit, but for the most part, the researches are scientists. And scientists, at least theoretically, have the goal in mind to FIND THE ANSWERS. It's what drives most of us. 
    We're working on it, but there isn't as much attention on it as you'd think. There's more focus in the business sector, the secular sector, and the stupid sector (a.k.a Hollywood, social media, etc). We need more interest in science!!! From physics, to math, to chemistry, and everything in between. 
    You have to understand that viruses like AIDS are absolutely brilliant. They have been working on getting this right and dominating their environment for millions of years with millions of nucleotide bases. We, as humans, are a derivative of how they were formed. It's like a kid signing up for karate class trying to defeat his teacher who is a master samurai. The student is nowhere near surpassing the teacher. They are ten steps ahead. But we're trying to catch up...
    ~A biologist in attempt
    There is no disease called "cancer." There are cancers. They are all different; the diagnoses and treatments are different. There will  never be one cure. If memory serves, the only thing all cancers have in common is that the cells appear abnormal, and they multiply uncontrollably.  
    Many cancers ARE cured if caught and successfully treated before they metastasize (spread out from the original, localized site). Sometimes all the cancer cells are not destroyed, and the disease comes back.
    Some cancers are more easily detected and treated than others. Pancreatic is one of the more deadly ones, because there are no good tests for it, and by the time it is detected it is usually advanced. I knew a guy who got it a few years ago and he died about 6 months after diagnosis.
    I had prostate cancer about 2 1/2 years ago. If caught early it is generally "curable;" as was mine. But there are no guarantees. My neighbor had his cancerous prostate removed ("radical prostatectomy") in 2000, and the cancer has come back twice. He is on hormone therapy now because there is nothing else they can do. The cancer is undetectable and has been for a few years, he feels fine, and is living a normal life. But he knows it can come back.
    It is a very complex set of diseases. I wish people would read more REAL SCIENCE before making simplistic, untrue statements about it. Getting cancer is the best way of getting a real crash course about the disease, but I don't recommend it or wish it on anyone.
  10. If we get really philosophical, there can never be a cure for cancer.
    Cancer is basically your body making mistakes.
    Cancer is you dying. 
    As you age, you begin to die. 
    So to prevent cancer, really, you need the fountain of youth or God. 
    It's not that you "cure" cancer. It's that, you remove or destroy all of the cells that are dying.
    Or you postpone them from making the mistakes they inevitably might run into.
    Because those "in-the-process-of-dying-cells" (like @Fizzly mentioned) are replicating for defective, dying cells. 
  11. Simple marketing says WHY EVER release a cure to a condition that can be treated.. for a profit... And for the rest of the patients life.
    Its like asking an unmentionable dealer why they try to make their product as addictive as possible....
    Keeps the customers coming back.....
  12. I'm going to agree that a lot of charities are shady, and one would be wise to research a charity prior to donating to them, because the percentages of what collected that's actually used for some of them is downright pathetic.
    But, I definitely do not think that there is a cure being kept under wraps. Who invented it? And who all's in on the secret? Why can money not be made off this cure? Why do physicians and their family members still die of cancer? Cancer has not been cured in animals. And as stated above, cancer is an umbrella term over many different and complex diseases, a magical "cure all" fix is most likely never going to come. The diseases have to be researched (and treated) differently. And I don't know what counts as "close" to curing it, but look up the survival rate of many, many kinds of cancer fifty years ago, and then look at them today. Chemo is no walk in the park for sure, I can tell you from experience. And I can only imagine radiation is not either. But even those more 'primitive' treatment methods have improved a lot over time, as well as surgical techniques, experimental medications, and imaging techniques (have to find it to treat it). Progress is unfortunately slower than we all want (and need) it to be, but it's definitely there.
    Lastly, where is any damn evidence to support this theory?
  13. That concept is a disgrace to science and medicine. Especially that metaphor.
    "Evidence"? It's all over the internet, man! :mad:
    It's really a waste of time to respond to this point, but I will anyway and hopefully some of the non-thinkers will see how ridiculous it is.
    There are millions, probably tens of millions, of doctors, nurses, scientists, lab technicians, researchers, professors, etc. etc. worldwide who are directly involved in treating and researching cancer who would have to be "in" on the conspiracy -- either that or they're all dupes, they don't have a clue what they're doing, and stoners on the internet have the real answers.
    If anyone is unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer and become immersed in the problem -- which they will -- they will see how ridiculous this all is.
  15. The world is overpopulated

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    3 of my 4 grandparents died of cancer, so did my father and brother and I expect to fall to it one day as well. If I thought there was a cure being hidden I'd be screaming about it, but I don't. Yes, there have been cases of the US government shutting down research which might have led somewhere positive, research they had until then financed. But it's one thing to say they are dishonest or that they've stood in the way and it's another to claim that we've found the cure and are hiding it. Preliminary results in a petri dish and isolated small scale tests hardly amounts to a cure and potential (maybe) treatment isn't the same as a cure.
    Others have already said much of the rest of it and better than I might have so I'll leave it at that.
  17. Another fallacy.
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    People live in rabbitcages stacked on top of eachother. Appartmentbuildings with 50+ floors. People are not ment to live this way, every man should have a garden.

    And I believe 'they' create diseases in certain area's of the world to keep population in control.

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