Why won't my seeds germinate???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OpeeTaylor, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. OK guys I really need some help here.I jus recently bought some high quality seeds and I've been trying to germinate them.I have tried Everything I can think of(we'll almost) and still no luck and I'm starting to think I'm out $150 worth of seeds.ive never had this problem before while growing due to my natural green thumb but my seeds won't germinate. I've tried the seed to dirt with water technique(diddnt work cuz the dirt I had compressed too quick so I took a tooth pick and easily dug them out of the dirt.when I did all the husks had cracks in the side to show the first staged of it which was a good sign.so I went and bought a green house dome with jiffy pellets and put them.in there and bought a seed starter heat mat. Well they have been out there for bout 4 days now and nothing. No signs of life.im starting to worry a lil bit here.I hope I diddnt get a bad batch of seeds.wat can I do to help the process? Please help.btw I did not do the cup of water or paper tow method because I was worried bout drowining them.
  2. Put them in their paper towels folded over put it in a plastic bag and put it in a dark space will work that's how I geminate mind you will not drown

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  3. Will that cause stress to my seed being redone a third time? They have to be fragile right now right?
  4. Just be careful and they will be ok

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  5. OK I'll give it a try.thanx
  6. Hi OpeeTaylor, sorry to hear about your troubles. It sounds like you tried the seeds first in soil where the shells cracked but the seedling did not sprout. And 4 days ago, you put them on a heating mat. Have you been keeping the seeds wet? If the shell cracked and the contents were exposed to air, they have probably dried out and I doubt they will sprout.
  7. Hi farmerjane.they were only exposed to air long enough to take them out of the dirt one at a time and to transfer them to the jiffy pellets.they were all out of the dirt for about 3 seconds.I'm going to check on them now and see how they are doin.wish me luck.patients is a virtue and if there's one thing cannabis plants teach us is patients right?
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  8. Yes, patience certainly is a virtue. Let us know how things are going. Good luck!
  9. It's alive!!!!Cinderella 99 has shown her face.now just waiting on the other strains.thanx guys.much appriceation
  10. Soak seeds over night in water. Shot glass works just fine

    After 12-24 hour soak puts seeds straight into solo red cups with soil. I place seeds about 1/4 inch deep with soil lightly over them.

    Make sure there are holes on the bottom and give it one good watering

    Place saran wrap over the top and place under lights, and leave them alone.

    Remove saran wrap once you see the first set of leaves coming out.
  11. Cool thanx.bow with saying that and gettin a lil off topic does anyone know anything about autoflowers.I'm experimenting with a few autos and I wanna kno how to get the maximum bud I can out of em.how do I do that?jus put them in a big pot and let em grow?can I top them like I do my feminized plants or no?
  12. Autos have a limited life. Therefore any sort of topping is going to hurt yeild. The time and energy it spends healing it won't spend growing bud. Therefore burning up the short precious time it has. Not much you can do to an auto but let it run its course. Some light lst won't mess them up.
  13. Cool thanx killset.

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