Why won't my ph go down please help coco

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Datkidjohnn, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. I've searched through forums and I can't find the specific answer I need. Basically I add 1/4 nutes and calimagic and I ph my water (Tap/or bottle water) I poured untill I see run off and I ph'd the run off it's at 6.4 so I watered again with another gallon without nutes and just a little cali magic and I adjusted the ph to 4.9 then it went down to 6.2
    My plant isn't showing browning or anything really except probally growing slow in my opinion

    When I soaked it with purified water and calimagic the ph test vial it showed yellow so I guessed it was 6.0 but now that I have an actual meter my bottle water is at 6.5
    Could this be the issue?

    How can I bring the ph down will I have to water to 4.0 ? How many times can I pour a gallon of water to flush it?

    It's in a 3-4 gal fab bag
    I'm On day 15

    Can't take any pictures right now since it's night time for them
  2. What medium are you growing in?

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  3. Coco coir

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  4. what are you trying to do, lower the ph of your soil? if so, why? secondly, ph'ing the runoff does nothing but tell you the ph of your runoff, mean it's 100% useless thing to do..
    remember kiss, keep it simple stupid.. sounds like you're trying to make things 100% harder than need be.. if the plants look healthy and are growing well, what are you freaking out about?
  5. Lol so sorry I missed where you said coco on the title. Isn't 6.2 ok for coco?

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  6. Yeah but I'm trying to get to 5.8

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  7. I have found that feeding with 6.0 works best in coco because Calcium and Magnesium are best absorbed at 6.0 or higher. I don't understand why you want your run off to be 5.8? The pH of the run off never matches the pH of what's going in - as long as your run off is between 5.5 and 6.5 you have nothing to worry about - I rarely even check the pH of the run off as long as the plants look healthy.

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