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Why wont my friend give me his dealers number?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GenesisBro, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. I usually ask my friend to buy weed from his dealer which then I would buy from him but I got tired of constantly asking and him not feeling like going. Like I give my friend a tenner then he would pick it up for me but he doesn't when he wants not when I want. I asked for the dealers number but he told me to duck off. And he stopped speaking to me the last few days. I just got back from holiday and want weed bad

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  2. Your friend told you to duck off? I imagine he can't be older than 15..
    He doesn't hook you up with the number because he's getting something out of the deal..either he pinches your sack for a little weed to smoke, or he takes a little of your money. It's most likely the first choice isn't hard to steal a nug or 2 out of a bag of weed.
  3. Either he likes to feel important or his pinching out your sack.
  4. Yea, I use have a guy that no one else knew. People asked me to get them weed and sometimes I pinched the sack or made a couple bucks. It's just what happens. This was a long time ago, when I was in high school. But yea, either he is pinching the sack or making a couple bucks. 
  5. Pinch. Do you smoke him up when he picks up for you. Just go to his dealer and ask.

    ->I smoke weed<-
  6. auto correct 😂

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    I don't know the dealer that's why I'm asking for his number. I've met Him a few times don't know where he lives or that.

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  7. Eh, I don't think he's necessarily pinching from your bag. There's actually a lot of decent stoners out there. Myself, I tell people up front. I expect a smoke up on small quantity purchases through me. It costs like $2.50 to get me high. Anything $100 or over is a dime-bag charge. Those who refuse to tip on a 100 dollar purchase I either won't do business with, or I'll reduce the amount they get per 100 dollar purchase by 1 gram. I notify them beforehand, of course, by telling them that they won't tip, so instead they'll get X amount for 100 dollars. If it weren't that I have to set up a meeting with him, use my gas money, and put myself at risk, it'd be free always.
    Also, some people who 'sell' aren't dealers. Some of them just let friends buy from their bags. That's what many of mine do. This means they usually aren't going to want to get up with the friend of the friend to sell him some herb. In fact I have several people who wanted to get up with him. For his safety, he doesn't want to divulge that information to others. Said so himself.
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    Damn you could've got the numbers on the spot plus he might only do 3.5g-7g and up so you better start saving money or whatnot.

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  9. People said he is either pinching or making a few bucks. Well here's a third option.
    He's protecting his dealer.
    I've given my dealers number out to a few people once and in the end they ended up fucking him over, and since I was the one who referred them, it meant he wasn't going to deal with me either. Only happened once because I learned real quick with that shit.
    I never, ever, ever, give out my dealers number. I don't even do intro's anymore. If you want weed from me it will be on my terms, like Veritable Hypocrisy said. 
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  10. Good chance he does pinch but that being said its the unwritten code.  Never, ever, give out a guys number without consulting him first.  Most dealers don't want 100 customers coming to them everyday at anytime they please.  Less people = less heat.
    One time I brought a friend along on a pickup, got to apartment and friend was talking extremely loud and wouldn't shut up about marijuana.  Lets just say I learned my lesson.
  11. I wouldn't fuck with you.
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  12. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Like.. Wouldn't fuck with me as in deal with me, or do me wrong. Don't really care. I make sure my friends get their weight and great quality before we exchange cash. Then I verify it in front of them weight-wise. So far everybody who's wanted to go through me has been happy and come back. Mind you.. They're mostly friends/friends of friends. Friends of friends are an additional risk and I don't really like having to take extra risks if I don't have to.
  13. He doesnt wanna give you his dealers number because he'd rather keep middlemaning it and selling it to you for higher than what he bought it from him for, so he makes money. A dickhead friend I'd go on the hunt for a dealer if I were you
  14. He makes money or weed off you.

    Or he buys double and gets a deal.
    Like you give him 15 and he goes and buys an 1/8 and gets the bud cheaper.

    Your lucky he does that.

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  15. Yor friend is ah facking cunt m8
  16. People are selfish dicks and don't realize that it takes work to get their sacks. Not to mention it takes work to find good connects.

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  17. My friend is the same way. He doesnt want me to know his dealer. It isn't until I meet those motherfuckers on my own and figure out that they is the dealer he calms down. He acts like I would fuck that shit up even though history always proves otherwise.
  18. Get your own dealer. Cut out the middle man. How often you hitting him up? Buy more than a dime at a time. Id get pissed if getting hit up for a dime every day. He can't just stop his life just to get you weed

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  19. This is what i do....after going to the guys house after a while, Even if its a dick move to my middlemaning friend. i straight up ask the dealer guy if i can have his number so i dont have to keep calling a guy to call a guy. 

    But you need to realise this..look at kids now a days. They are rude, Disrespectful little Kanye wests. so why in the world would we want to be around these reality tv show brainwashed kids. no offence. think about it...Look at the 50s (they had Class) late 80s-93 (were the loving stoners) 95-now (16 an pregnant is now a "Fad", and talking rudly to people is now cool and using the term "Loud")...dumber and dumber by the generation. i do blame the mainstream celebrities like Kanye west, Kim Kardashian, Jersery shore, what ever happen to role-modeling.
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  20. i found that way funnier than it should have been lol.

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