why why why why whhhhhhhyyy?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 420ismybday, May 10, 2003.

  1. Why are we here? We is there a such thing as humankind? How was earth and all of our species formed? What are stars really?O , they say their just a bunch of gases burning and making a flame but I think their WRONG! I bet stars are just reallybig people and theirs 5 of them and they form one start all together...

    Is there a God? Gods? Goddess? Demons? A Hell? Satan?

    how can someone invent such an important book as the bible. No way could a human make that shiznit. Is their really a higher power and does the higher power in earth or farther then earth ?? HOLY SHIT ANSWER MY POTHEAD QUESTIONS! IM SO FRRIIIIIIIEEEEEED!!!!! "
  2. i see it as this,everything is overlapping.everything has a begiining and an end.also it works in this manner,you have the very simple organisim to a huge whale.
    it also works in this way you have very simple things happen with you and cherish to the very bad things.it goes on.what makes this happens,i dont know. as for the bible,i know this had to be very brilliant people.you tend to think that people werent to bright back then to come up with a beautful book.its interwoven with stuff.just like i was trying to explain earlier.it has the first layer but you notice that 1 layer verse takes on new meaning.and goes to other layers.everything has a purpose.and thats just it....

    Everything....has a purpose.nice to think that way.
  3. well... i've had a few encounters with what you'd refer to as demons. things i've physically seen, and felt while completely sober and awake that cannot be explained by science.

    1 time for instance...

    1 night i get this feeling that there's something near me that's watching me. i can feel the presence as if there were a literal person in the room with me (most people can feel when someone else is near... it's their "6th sence" so to say), but i can't see it.

    anywayz, the feeling i get is very uneasy... like there's something not right. it keeps growing more and more intense. the feeling becomes that of pure evil and a deep fear starts growing upon me. if any of you have been around a very evil person, you'll know what feeling i'm talking about. there's just that very strong sense of evil all around me. so intense i can feel it all throughout my body.

    i can't see anything around me of course, so i dismiss it as my imagination. later, i awake from sleeping and try to go back to bed (i've got insomnia pretty bad, so it's hard for me to fall asleep sometimes). anywayz, this feeling is more intense than before. as i roll over in my bed i notice 2 large blue lights on my wall. i think they're probably just lights shining from outside, so i get up to check. i put my hands over these lights from every possible angle (including nearly directly on top of them). no shadow passed over these lights (which would mean they were coming from the wall).

    anywayz, i get out of bed to get a drink and go to the bathroom, and it feels like whatever it is that's been watching me is now following me through my house.

    i get back in bed, go to sleep, and wake up again at about 6. i roll over to check the wall to see if the lights are there... they're not... so i go to roll back over, and as my back lays flat on my bed the whole matress sinks down around me. i then hear the most evil voice from right in front of my face. yet i saw nothing but air. i couldn't make out what was said because of how scared i was. i couldn't even scream... for months i wouldn't lay on my back while in bed.

    as for this evil feeling, i've had several people verify that they get it in my room. the Bible says the more you grow spiritually, the more satan's going to attack you.. during this point i was growing a lot spiritually, so the main focus of it was in my room. none of my family is saved which is why they didn't have similar instances.
  4. oh yeah and onother thing im fried too.

    like i said everthing has a purpose.just like the weed i just smoked.its pourpose was to get me high.and its ass kicking.it not only got me high,but it got me really really high.so the weed did its job and then some.

    Good job weed!!!
  5. for a few nites i kept havin some fuckin crazay ass dreams. i would dream i would be walkin around places and just mutilatin people and then laughin my ass off.. then things would form shit in my mind like my tv was this big face and it was like "muahahaha " in an evil voice.. and then this one nite i go to bed and im sleepin and im havin like the same dream but then i wake up and im like omg omg omg omg ahhhh cuz im like killin someone and then i see it right in front of me with my eyes open and i try to make it go away and it wont and i cant move i just sit there and i couldnt scream since i was scared shitless.. and then i like blacked out. woke up the next morning and everythin seemed to be fine cept my mentality,.,
  6. ahh... the greatest question a mind can ask, is why?

    humans have been asking this for centuries, so dont expect any definitive answers.

    as for stars...
    i havnt got a clue what you meant about 5 of them or whatever, but, yes, they are basically just a big ball of Hydrogen (and maybe a little helium too) acting as one huge fusion reactor, and when that reactor blows, its gonna spew forth all the elements we know of in the cosmos. without stars, not only would we not have their energy that provides life, but we also wouldnt have all the elements (carbon, oxygen, nytrogen etc etc) that give life.

    I have speculated in the past however, that stars themselves, are ALIVE. they are the simplest form of life (not single celled life as many would have us believe), and the biggest, the longest living, and the most perfect.

    "No way could a human make that shiznit."

    uh-huh? prove it.

    humans have achieved far greater things in the past (before and after the existance of the book(s)), so why do you disbelieve and belittle the acheivements of humans so?

  7. i am stoned right now too.... and i dont think any human on the planet could answer those questions right.
  8. wht i dont get is in the bible, where is all the info for the 2000 years inbetween jesus and now?
  9. all there would be is millions of racist/religous killings
  10. The Bible doesn't need the 2000 years between Jesus and now. It has written in it everything you need from creation to the first coming of Christ to the prophecy of the second coming of Christ to words to help you in times of crisis to the prophecy of the end of times. What else could you ask for before you die and all questions are answered?

  11. it's called the new testament... more specificly, the books that come after matthew, mark, luke, and john... acts through revelation was written after Jesus' death. also, wang hit this one on the head... so i'm not gonna go into it anymore.
  12. we're all made of stars...

    no reason, we just are.
  13. Thank you, Moby.
  14. lol.

    i'm not that big a fan of moby tho'

    but we *are* all made of stars. stars take light elements like helium and hydrogen, and through fusion create heavier elements. those heavier elements make up the planets. and on the earth at least, also life.

    alas, we're all made of starstuff.

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