why weed should be legal

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by 420OrangeCrush, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. first off i understand that if weed was legal, the govt wouldnt make any money but as i have heard many people say, if they used money to fund growing pot, the govt would have the dankest shit ever b/c they could research how to add more thc into their buds and therfore they could seel it and i know they would make alot of money, so why dont they just make people buy their weed from the govt? i dont know

    second, weed is not bad for you. look at alcohol, it kills more than all the other top five drugs COMBINED. ridiculous that it is still legal and weed isnt? yes. next lok at ciggarettes, so many people die everyday from cancer caused by the tar cigarretes contain. a drug is something manufactured it is A chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behavior and often addiction. you cant get addicted to weed, you can get addicted to the feeling it gives you but not to weed. cigarrettes and alcohol are more of a drug than marijuana. weed is a WEED, an herb that grows naturally, i understand tobacco grows naturally, but all the extra shit they throw in cigarettes is horrible for you.

    third, look at canada, there is so much less crime in canada than in the US. why? because people can smoke so they are relaxed and basically too lazy to hurt anyone or steal something.

    if the govt really thought about it they could make tons of money by selling weed
  2. i don't think the real reason there's less crime in canada is because we smoke herb. so do americans, so does every country.
  3. if people that drop out of school or get a sub par education can make money off weed, who knows what the gov't could do. not only profits from mass production and distribution and taxes and all that, but also from prison costs, and the majority of the cost from the drug war.

    the only hard part is actually getting a chance for all of that.

    edit: it could theoretically boost the economy in another way. people wouldnt get charges on their record to prevent a shit load of job opportunities, and people wouldnt get kicked out of school as much so theyd have a better chance at a quality education
  4. The government would never grow pot and sell it. The government doesnt grow tobacco, so why would they grow pot?
  5. No, the government won't grow pot, they'll just tax it heavily as they do with tobacco.

  6. this is wrong

    this is right.

  7. That's 'cause I'm a genius.

  8. you sho are
  9. Mos def.

    And that's why I'm going to be a librarian.
  10. why does being a civil libertarian matter when you're going to use nutmeg in the cherries (chocolate covered)
  11. I have no idea.

    Cherries are good.
  12. They could make it like a liquor...and require additional licenses to obtain a dispensers permit to sell it.

    Tobacco doesn't have quite a semblance of the power of cannabis...

    if they do legalize, they will tread very carefully at first.
    It may end up being worse or better...but who knows.

    The only thing we can do now, is protest to senators and representatives about our views, and convince them with solid facts that what we stand for isn't as bad as they believe it to be...and may actually be way more benefitial than thousands of otc and prescription medicines.

    ..but most of them know, and just don't want to risk their asses and political power to try and legalize...

    ..because if they fail...and more likely: as soon as they start..

    ..big brother will always be watching them..

    ...but the pharmaceutical companies don't want it to be sold; they'd lose income from it's legalization.
    Aspirin? No need with weed. Migraine medicine? Hash for that. Anti-asthmatic? Yes, it can be cannabis. Helps protect brain cells...and may even fight cancer...it is an expectorant for your lungs...and there are thousands of other reasons they'd fear it: tens of thousands of their products would become useless because there would be a natural, safer alternative to them.
    I have an odd feeling that the DEA is tightly involved with the pharmaceutical companies: in order to maintain this stranglehold they have over cannabis, the companies want it to NEVER be legalized...
  13. if weed was legal it would solve all the prison overcrowding problems because like 20% or some ridiculously high number of people in jail are for pot "crimes" it would save the government money on prison costs and boost the economy with the extra workforce. as far as i know amsterdam is the only non pot hating country and i never hear about any problems or maybe lets say useless wars there.
  14. If marijuana was legal, the government would make billions! First, most of the billions of dollars fighting the drug war would be saved, AND they could make billions off taxing it. When someone asks me why marijuana should be legal, i just say, "why not?" and go from there.
  15. I Know there are good reasons to have it legal but if it was do u trust are government to keep other drugs outta it like with cigs they added stuff to it to make it more addictive u don't think that they will do the same to the weed it would ruin the buds and then it would probably be made illegal again but they are the reasons for the bad things going on with the buds so i don't think it should be legal i mean i still can get it and i'm not stupid enuff to get caught like a lot of people are
  16. We shouldn't need a damn reason!

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