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Why weed is not legal

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Namynam, May 16, 2004.

  1. Weed is not legal because it makes us all peaceful.

    See, when alcohol was illegal, crime was insane. So, they legalized it and all was well.

    We need some Al Capones of weed and well be good.

  2. Two words to disprove your theory: Cocaine, Noriega.

  3. Yeah we need a fking leader, I say we give jesus a call :)
  4. It's hard to tax (since it's so many people grow it themselves), so it's illegal. It would decrease the demand for alcohol which would also be bad for the government.

    That's not at all why it's illegal, that simply means more consumption of fast foods... which is a good thing for the government economically speaking.

    I think I also read somewhere (probably on this board) that one of the main reasons it became illegal was because cotton farmers stood to lose a lot of profit due to the uses of hemp.

    It's all about the money.
  5. America is already fat. And munchies would help boost the economy.
  6. I really don't see any proof or truth in any of your guy's comments. Not easy to tax, psssh. If they made marijuana cigs most people wouldn't bother growing it. Just like most people don't bother growing tobacco. We are a consumer nation, why grow/build what we can buy? The REAL reason marijuana is illegal is because of racism. That is the number one reason that caused marijuana and all the other drugs to become illegal. Chinese brought over opium, and managed to take away a lot of white jobs because of their ability to work long and hard shifts. Partially due to their consumption of opium. African-american's america's 2nd and most hated "enemy" during the 20th century. They were stereotyped as cocaine addicts, whom would rape and kill a white woman at the drop of a dime. Marijuana was widely used among the Mexicans. Who like the Chinese took jobs from white americans. Nearly ALL if not ALL the drugs to date were made illegal through racist motivations.

    Now... why is it still illegal? Because they had a damn good propaganda program. And it's influence still rings loud and clear to day with updated versions. We spend BILLIONS of taxpayers money each year to fund the war on drugs. And provides the gullible with a fake sense of security. Those billions help make our economy go round.

    I'm sure there are other reasons, but so far those are the only ones I've seen actual proof about.
  7. Nylon, Du Pont and "reefer madness"

  8. how is that true, alcohol is a fuckload worse when driving and is still legal!, and most ppl are actually better drivers when high, because theyre so careful
  9. The ignorance of the human race astounds me !!
    The reason it is illegal has nothing to do with racism, or the fact that it chills most people out and everything to do with the ignorance of the goverment and the politicians.
    I also think that if they don't legalise pot then alchohol should definately be illegal.
    By the way prohibition was lifted because the MAJORITY of Americans didn't want it banned not because of Al Capone,
    the fact that half of Kentucky was making moonshine and it was getting increasingly difficult to stop the constant opening of illicit drinking dens also contributed.
    Take a look at the way it is managed in Amsterdam, along with prostitutes,dealers pay taxes and have medical cover.
    Britain and America are as dumb as donkeys.

  10. This is true. When cotton farming was a huge business (even though it still is), hemp was beginning to used for many things, one of which was a fiber that was easier to grow and cheaper to grow than cotton. Cotton farmers, not wanting to be put out of business, began using propaganda against the hemp industry. Alot of this propoganda is still being used today, and is one of the main reasons that marijuana/hemp is still illegal, despite its many industrial and medicinal uses.

    :( ...cotton farmers.
  11. sorry you guys...err...i didnt mean for it to be racist, i do not see any white bloods or crips...and almost all gangs get their funding from drugs.

    and yes, the only reason they undid prohibition is because there was so much illeagal alcohol, people making it in their bathtubs, and it caused alot of crime. Al Capone made almost all of his money off of prohibition. Watch the history channel. ;)

    and dupont, DAMN U DUPONT!

  12. Criminals come in all shapes and sizes and colors,bloods and crips,hells angels,mafia,yakuza,triads,yuppy crims,corporate criminals and loads of others.
    Al made money from extortion,racketeering,gambling and gun running and of course the speakeasy,I know what I'm talking about because I don't just take what some TV channel tells me for gospel.You should see how many white folks I know who use cocaine.
    Grass being illegal is a vote winner among the bible belt and the conservatives,thats why it's still illegal and will remain so as long as there are big votes to be won from ignorant people.
  13. I think that maybe its illegal because of alot of reasons, the big one being a bunch of bible thumpers voting against it because they only know what has been told to them, just as we only know what is told to us
  14. Some people i know are saying pot makes people stupid, its way worse than ciggs, and that if pot was legalized there would be double the death rates with car accidents and such....
  15. I heard sometime that in the 30's, i think it was, they banned weed. the reason was alcohol companies were losing profit and putting a lot of pressure on the government and making ads and shit like that about how dangerous weed was/is.. whatever.. its a load of crap.. dont let the feds keep u from smoking this great stuff..
  16. Also remember when the US prohibition started: during the Great Depression. After prohibition (alcohol) cops were no longer useful and would certainly lose their jobs. So what better way to create jobs around the country than to create a new law to employ police officers?

    read up on "Why Marijuana Should Be Legal" by Ed Rosenthal
    and watch the movie/documentary "Grass", narrated by Woody Harrelson. Two musts for grass enthusiasts.

  17. Well no. If it were legal many people would grow it themselves. People don't know how to pick tobacco or roll tobacco cigarettes properly, let alone make filters. Marijuana is pretty easy to grow and all you have to do is harvest it, cure/dry it, and then smoke it.

    I do agree that the reason marijuana became illegal is partially due to racism, or atleast thats how they spread negative propaganda about marijuana back around the time it became illegal.

    See above.
  18. the reason its illegal is that the only reason to smoke weed is to get high, and it causes mental dependence in many users. some people have a couple drinks to relax. you smoke weed to get high, and many of you will say "but i do smoke to relax" to occasional users marijuana is still a much more powerful substance than it is to those of us who have a heavy tolerance
  19. Actually, I had been reading a bit recently to find evidence to back up what I've said. As far as I can tell most people have been partially right, but I doubt any knew for what reasons. None of us were right on WHY it was illegal, but in some way were informed about the propaganda that MADE it illegal and kept it illegal.

    I was right about the racism

    Blatant Bigotry

    "Starting with the 1898 Spanish American War, the Hearst newspaper had denounced Spaniards, Mexican-Americans and Latinos.

    After the seizure of 800,000 acres of Hearst's prime Mexican timberland by the "marihuana" smoking army of Pancho Villa,* these slurs intensified.

    *The song "La Cucaracha" tells the story of one of Villa's men looking for his stash of "marijuana por fumar!" (to smoke!)

    Non-stop for the next three decades, Hearst painted a picture of the lazy, pot-smoking Mexican - still one of our most insidious prejudices. Simultaneously, he waged a similar racist smear campaign against the Chinese, referring to them as the "Yellow Peril."

    From 1910 to 1920, Hearst's newspapers would claim that the majority of incidents in which blacks were said to have raped white women, could be traced directly to cocaine. This continued for ten years until Hearst decided it was not "cocaine-crazed Negroes" raping white women - it was now "marijuana-crazed Negroes" raping white women.

    Hearst's and other sensationalistic tabloids ran hysterical headlines atop stories portraying "Negroes" and Mexicans as frenzied beasts who, under the influence of marijuana, would play anti-white "voodoo-satanic" music (jazz) and heap disrespect and "viciousness" upon the predominantly white readership. Other such offenses resulting from this drug-induced "crime wave" included: stepping on white men's shadows, looking white people directly in the eye for three seconds or more, looking at a white woman twice, laughing at a white person, etc.

    For such "crimes", hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and blacks spent, in aggregate, millions of years in jails, prisons and on chain gangs, under brutal segregation laws that remained in effect throughout the U.S. until the 1950s and '60s. Hearst, through pervasive and repetitive use, pounded the obscure Mexican slang word "marijuana" into the English-speaking American consciousness. Meanwhile, the word "hemp" was discarded and "cannabis," the scientific term, was ignored and buried.

    The actual Spanish word for hemp is "canamo." But using a Mexican "Sonoran" colloquialism - marijuana, often Americanized as "marihuana" - guaranteed that few would realize that the proper terms for one of the chief natural medicines, "cannabis," and for the premiere industrial resource, "hemp," had been pushed out of the language."

    Some of you may recognize that as an except from the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, written by Jack Herer.

    Here is some stuff to help back up the "Because it chills people out" statement. I got to say, I wasn't expecting there to be anything to back this up, but then again, you guys were EXTREMELY vague about why that would have made/perpetuated marijuana's illegal standing. I'm gonna have to say most probably didn't know why that comment was right.

    Pot and the Threat of Peace

    "However, from 1948 to 1950, Anslinger stopped feeding the press the story that marijuana was violence-causing and began "red baiting", typical of the McCarthy era.

    Now the frightened American public was told that this was a much more dangerous drug than he originally thought. Testifying before a strongly anti-Communist Congress in 1948 - and thereafter continually to the press - Anslinger proclaimed that marijuana rendered its users not violent at all, but so peaceful - and pacifistic! - that the Communists could and would use marijuana to weaken our American fighting men's will to fight.

    This was a 180-degree turnaround of the original pretext on which "violence-causing" cannabis was outlawed in 1937. Undaunted, however, Congress now voted to continue the marijuana law - based on the exact opposite reasoning they had used to outlaw cannabis in the first place.

    It is interesting and even absurd to note that Anslinger and his biggest supporters - Southern congressmen and his best senatorial friend, Senator Joseph McCarthy* of Wisconsin - from 1948 on, constantly received press coverage on the scare.

    Anslinger told congress the Communists would sell marijuana to American boys to sap their will to fight - to make us a nation of zombie pacifists. Of course, the Communists of Russia and China ridiculed this U.S. marijuana paranoia every chance they got - in the press and at the United Nations.

    Unfortunately, the idea of pot and pacifism got so much sensational world press for the next 20 years that eventually Russia, China, and the Eastern Bloc Communist countries (that grew large amounts of cannabis) outlawed marijuana for fear that America would sell it or use it to make the communist soldiers docile and pacifistic.

    This was strange because Russia, Eastern Europe, and China had been growing and ingesting cannabis as a medical drug, relaxant and work tonic for hundreds and even thousands of years, with no thought of marijuana laws."

    Now, as far as what started all of it. Hemp crops become a threat to Major indudtries. No, not tobacco. Just read this Chapter, then read the next one.

  20. I think you mean the dodo bird.... We're... I mean they're very dumb (majority - media - impresionable people - gov - etc.)
    Weed may not be legal in the US, but it's legal on my property :D

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