Why Weed Is Amazing

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    I love the ganj and am well aware of the medical benefits as well as its ability to get you high (duh), but I recently came up with a theory as to why weed is so alluring to so many people.
    Unlike a lot of drugs out there, weed stimulates every single sense you have without you necessarily having to smoke/ingest it!  The beauty of a nice bud for one (SIGHT), that sweet skunky SMELL, the FEELING of sticky resin glands all over your fingers when you break up the bud.
    Not to mention the TASTE of a nice smooth smoke and the SOUND of a nice fat rip of a bong or bowl.  
    Every single one of these sense-stimulating qualities makes me happy as hell, and the high just seals the deal as far as loving to smoke the herb.  Maybe I'm just over-thinking it, but I really believe that whether we're conscious of it or not, every one that partakes probably does so because of this!!!  
    Anyone else feel this way as well?  

  2. Really if you think about it, our love for weed is what has brought us all together here.   :gc_rocks: 
  3. yes. Americans are taking a good look at thier recreational drug use. Some of us understand why we had prohibition on alcohol. And we are looking at nicotine too. Alcohol and nicotine are the 2 top used drugs in the USA.  We are looking at what it is doing to us and our culture......and we now want POT! We know its the best recreational drug available and we want it legalized.
  4. i love the sound of a huge bong rip :smoke: :bongin: it'll never get old
    or a fucking FATTY :love:
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    You've obviously never tried hallucinogens :laughing: you think being stoned enhances your senses you're gonna shit your pants trippin :laughing: :hippie:
    edit: i think it appeals to so many people because it gives them an escape from our sick reality we live in in modern society. Our system breeds dissent and anxiety along with depression and weed fights all of these.
  7. I get what you mean man. You like the ritual that happens before you even get the part of packing one
  8. I was talking about the elation brought about by all the qualities of weed, not necessarily about the high itself.  I hate to be that guy, but I'd hate for my first thread (aside from my introduction) to get taken down due to people talking about other drugs.  I know what you mean tho...  :laughing:
  9. cause it goes from this....to this.

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  10. Yeah man, amazing how a tiny pebble-looking seed can turn into a 6+ foot beast of a plant.  Growing it yourself gives you so much more appreciation for the herb... Nice buds btw!
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    I love the smell (bud / when smoked) and the taste of weed, so delicious  :yummy: 
    And the plant, hella beautiful! 
  12. Sensual post op :ey:
  13. i feel sorry for the people who always get panic attacks
  14. weed is awesome cuz you get to stop, and enjoy the moment more delicately.

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