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    Without knowing what problems you ran into and just saying conditions were perfect won't paint a picture, sorry. Soil, hydro etc? PH levels? Ec, ppm, tds.. you get what I saying. Sorry for the low held but enjoy it, man.

    Edit: I'm actually more interested in temp and humidity.
  2. Did you Low stress train,Scrog,Top??? Size of room? Did you have air circulation 
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  4. I would like to know actual watts. U say u averaged 3 oz per plant, which is pretty typical of a good grow for minimum light.

    Nutes are good and so forth but are only a part getting a good grow. Training is huge. Experience has shown me a method of training can increase yield x4, more im sure is possible.

    Rule of thumb is 200 watts minimum for one plant (could be 250) and then 50 more per plant. Ur grow would need 800 watts for minimum grow, which should produce close to where u are now.

    I dont like using 2700 termonology for cfls or hids etc, I just go by real watts to know whats going on. R u using the 42 watt cfls that fit in a normal socket? Looks like u are.

    Im also surprised that ur using cfls with so many plants. Could be a bit inefficient? But I have no experience with so many
  5. your lights are not up to the task.
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    I dont have enough lights?  When I was saying 2600 hid's and 1300 cfl's  I meant
    I used (2) 1000 watt HPS lights with hoods and ballast.
               (1) 600 watt HPS light with the hood.
    and     (13) 100 watt equivalent 2700 compact flourescent bulbs inside the plants around 4 weeks into flowering.
    If I didnt have enough light for my 8x10x8 high room, then how much light do I need.  I thought we need a minimum of 50 watts HID lights per square foot. Oh ok I needed 4000 watts not counting the flourescent bulbs.
    your right Waffen, I didnt train at all.  I trimmed off the lower branches weeks into flower.  I was thinking of a SCROG grow this time.  You say you can increase your yield by 4x training.  What method of training is you using?
  7. What was the cfl watt per pulb not equivlent.. if they were 100 watt equivlents, then u most certainly did not have 1300 watts of cfl more like 800 prolly just an observationSent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. not sure I think 27 watts is equivalent to 100 watts in compact bulbs.
  9. You were only in flowering for 4 weeks before harvest?Sent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. How many of the 3 HID bulbs were brand new?
    It does make a big difference. It is one of those places you don't want to go cheap.
  11. The cfls, no matter the wattage wont change the fact he has enough light. Not making an insult, just pointing out we have enough info to rule out not enough light.

    You have tons of light, so much so that now I know there is a problem.

    Like one pointed out, if you are only flowering for 4 weeks, thats the prob. It takes usually anywhere from 8 weeks to 11, there are exceptions remember.

    My training methods have been FiM. I have seriously debating going to SCroG.

    Training does matter though, I have grown plants of the same breed at the same time under the same lights same nutes. One trained one not. Got 1 oz untrained 4 oz trained. My other grows proved the same but not nearly as scientific as the particular grow
  12. Oh btw, for harvesting you should invest into a pocket microscope, very cheap and kinda necessary for checking when to harvest
  13. Training is huge. Very beneficial unless you veg for 40 days like you said. But I would suggest a training technique as that has helped me greatly with my first crop. And flowering 8-10 weeks if necessary Sent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. 8 x 10 x 8h? 80 sq ft. Don't you want a minimum of 50 watts per sq ft? Your cfl are only 23-27 watts. So 270 extra watts. 2870/80= 35.875. 4000 watts would be ideal.

    Then of course the correct training will allow you to even your plants canopy and focus light more evenly to all plants.
  15. Are you supplementing co2? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. I didnt add c02 to this grow, because it made no diffrence my first grow.  I didnt flower for 4 weeks lol..I flowered 8 weeks with 2600 watts of Hps bulbs then added an addittional 1300 watts equivalent of cfl bulbs.  Im gonna try the SCROG this grow.  All my plants were untrained.  some buds were as big as a que ball but some were airy as well.  My bulbs wasn't brand new, they had about 3 grows on them....yes I been thinking of changing my bulbs, and grabbing another 1000 watt, but even thoe it's legal I will definetly raise some eyebrows..........thanks alot guys, I can use all the help I can get.
    I need a journal similiar to mine in watts that I can follow.  Im about to pull My Headband out of the humidity domes...  I hear it is a 800/m2 compared to the blue cheese yield, i hope it will suprise me.
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    12 buckets crammed under 3 hoods @2600 watts, no training, and a box fan as your only exhaust would be my guess..
    you want a minimum of 4kw of HID's for that grow.. and a proper exhaust system.
  18. 4 box fans......and an AC.  Your right August, ima have to get that extra light.  Im gonna try to get 2 1000's
  19. I dont see light being that big of an issue in this case. The airy buds came from the areas with less light. However he is only getting 3 ozs per plant using the high intensity discharge bulbs, I get roughly the same (maybe more) with only 250 watts in cfl bulbs.

    The grows on this site with that use the same kind of equipment pull in way more.

    His nutes appear to be fine, at least in what is owned. Genetics and disease seem just fine. In lights he has thousands of watts in HiD, alone should be enough, and Cfl on top.

    A scrog of that size would be so amazing to see

    Why waste money when what u have works?

    How close to the lights are the plants? Have u used a light meter to ensure u r getting the most of them? (im sure you have, but im thinking save money be efficient)
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    Exhaust and fans...

    Im meh about them, sure they're fine but in my experiments have shown yield is hardly effected when fan used vs non moving air. Sure it helps but you wont see a difference like you will with training. (when you have controlled temps etc under control)

    Btw ive found breaking the stem, (causing the "knot") and letting it heal has caused essentially no gain as compared to not done on the same breed of plant.

    I know people swear up and down on these, and om sure they do help. But you will not see a difference like you will with training. Everything else is in addition, focus on the bigger gains with less changes first.

    If you do too much too fast you wont know the cause if things get worse

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