Why was my thread deleted ? I cant find it anymore

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  1. I remember posting something in the thread and now it just gone....
  2. My dealer is an asshole thread
    Sorry for the language but it was active and interesting too imo

  3. What forum was it in? There will be a deletion reason left by a moderator.
  4. There's no way to restore it ?
    Why was it deleted I don't get it ....

  5. A moderator deleted it because it was apparently a topic that you could have used the search button to find an existing thread about.
  6. I don't think that's true can u read it ?
    It was like a journal of what's going on... Was the mod high or what ? That's just bullshit I'm sorry ...

  7. No, I can't read it because it's deleted.

    KeepSmokinReefa is the moderator who deleted it. PM him if you have questions.
  8. Can he restore it or it isn't possible at all?

  9. He has the ability to, but whether he will or not depends on his reason for deleting it.
  10. Ok thanks for the help
  11. keep in mind like 98% chance he wont
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