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why was i sick? please answer. repping!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrbongy, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. okay, so yesterday. i brought 1g of weed and 1g of hash.
    the weed was really dry and crumble (also had a quite alot of stems, which isnt good..) and hash was really sticky and hard.

    so, i was sitting on this step with this girl who kept asking me LOADS of questions WHICH WAS REALLY ANNOYING! also i had an massive headace. then my parents rang me and said they are comming over to my flat in about 1 hours and i got VERY paranoid.

    so i got up and walked about 3 steps and was sick everywhere about 4 times (this was in the middle of town)
    i had a massive headace for the rest of the day.

    i don't usually buy of this dealer but my dealer which sells me amazing stuff was on holiday, so i had no where else.

    why was i sick? did i have too much weed/hash. or was it not very good quailty or from being paranoid or the annoying girl.?
    please help.
  2. Just sounds like a bad day.
  3. You had a bad trip dude. It was a combination of all those negative things sometimes just ruins a high, smoking makes things you already like even better, but it can also make things you don't like seem even worse. Just take a short break from the ganja and next time you smoke make sure your safe and secure (no rents) your with people you don't find annyoing, and make sure you got some dank

  4. thanks, im gonna have a couple of weeks off.
  5. Sounds like a combination of things to me bro. Mids give me a headache also which is why i try to avoid them. That combined with an annoying person and paranoya could make anyone sick. Nothing out of the ordinary here :smoke:
  6. If you had a massive headache BEFORE you smoked, you may have just been sick.

    Sometimes smoking stems (if I am lazy and not careful about picking every last stem before I grind my nugs) gives me a headache.

    Marijuana isn't likely to make you nauseous by itself. In fact, it does the opposite.

    You sound British. I've heard some funky stuff is sometimes in the hash there.

    Most likely (IMO of course) you were already sick or it was the hash.
  7. thanks guys :) gonna quit for a couple of weeks
  8. What? Don't quit for weeks...there is nothing wrong with you lol
  9. I might not have even been the weed. Maybe it was something you ate.
  10. Probably all of the stress built up with a low tolerance. I have had stuff like that happen before, nothing to worry about.
  11. It happens sometimes.

    I've seen people puke from one hit of shitty weed out of an elite bong
  12. You said that there were a lot of stems, were you smoking a lot of them? A few small stems slipping into a bowl now and then doesn't make a difference, but when you've got a lot it'll definitely ruin your high.

    Edit: Also, your day in general just seemed kind of shitty and being paranoid high is never a good thing. Make sure things are set next time you toke, and have some really good bud. You don't need a break, just more good weed :smoke:
  13. It was most likely a little bit of everything, but I would assume most it came from the low quality MJ and probably hash and if it was hot that might of been a reason.
  14. You probably were just having a bad day.. happens to me sometimes. Headaches happen every once in a while when I smoke regardless of the strain.

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