Why they won't grow?

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  1. I posted this in another post I had as comment but I didn't have many replies I think because it was an old post...

    Just an update most of my girls are standing now I change the lights to this panels each have 7 cfl bulb 100watts. But I don't know why the don't grow I planted the germinated seed since the 1st of August I haven't need to water the soil since then, they are BUBBLEgum auto they told me to put it in big pots. Please help what you think is going on friends? 1503064157024.jpg 1503064163257.jpg 1503064169706.jpg 1503064175029.jpg 1503064182730.jpg 1503064187873.jpg
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  2. Thise buckets are too big. Should have started them in smaller cups and transplanted them into the larger containers. They still young. Give them some time and plenty of light and they take off once they get a root system going
  3. Ok thanks, you think is a good idea to transplant them into smaller cups now? Like take em out and put em in smaller cups will get them faster to grow?

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  4. Maybe try that with a couple of them. If they take off like crazy then it was the right move and if they don't then you're no worse off. Just be careful with them. I started my two white widows in 8 ounce sized starter pots and transplanted them in there forever home once they had 3-4 nodes ( can't remember) and they have done amazingly well. I'm gonna watch and see how this works for you! Best of luch
  5. those lights are too far away from the plants , what soil do you have ? and trash bags are not the best idea . You have drainage in those pots ?
  6. Salty82 I will try that and let you know the outcome soon. Pat at the beach since I am a new on this i was scared of nutrient lock since it happens in the past I decided to put the seed in a starter plug, and I put this plug inside the bucket full of moisture control miracle grow. Everything including trashbags has been drainage holes in the button and sides. 1503078615419.png

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  7. I'll put the lights closer, I was scared of fry the plants. They are about a feet or two on top of them.

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  8. Oh I also has one hydro first time doing this. It's about the same size of the other ones a little smaller. BUBBLEgum auto as well 1503078876159.jpg

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  9. im new also 1st grow but did alot of reading before starting . I started with cfl bulbs also they can be as close as 1-2 inches away , the further away the less effective , beyond about 6 inches away they are not effective at all. The soil .... ive seen it a 100 times on here with us new guys , miracle grow is a miracle NO it's bad for our plants . I looked at the miracle grow and it indeed has fertilizer in it , your plants are way to young and small for fertilizer . Im no expert on how much is too much but this is whats in the soil you are using fert.JPG
  10. Ok I heard that you can use fertilizer after two weeks of germinated, my hydro roots are not out yet means that the roots of the seeds in the plugs haven't touch the miracle grow fertilized soil yet and they are 18 days old ready to eat but I will take your opinion and put two of the seedling in foxfarm soil as experiment and see what happend. Miracle grow is a great debate around our good friends here in this forum some say is bad some say it has real good fertilizing properties will see what happens. Thanks for that I will put two on foxfarm oil just to see difference.

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  11. Ok so I put the lights a few inches closer to the plants and some i took em out and put em in drained cups, some cups with foxfarm soil, when I took em out I notice that while the Miracle grow soil "moisture control" shows moist the plug was very dry and some roots wasn't out yet of the plugs so you were right miracleNo lol last time i use that crap, one of the plants die, so i took a bottle of water and water each plant where the plug are located to get sure they are getting water. Thanks for your replies I'll keep you posted.


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  12. I wonder which lights can I put in my grow room without the need of put them inches from my plants? Something that I can leave just close to the roof.

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  13. After all your help the plants are looking better, the ones in miracle grow I will flush then once I start seeing first sign of flower I haven't put any fertilizer yet. Thanks

    1503854367640.jpg 1503854379497.jpg 1503854384774.jpg

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  14. Here is a quick update plants are loving the half miracle grow half promix soil I haven't need to feed them yet I have 16 100 watts cfl and 4 t5 4 feet light 20/4 light setting.

  15. Stretch is intense. That's either a boy or those lights are too weak for that girl. One or the other. Other than the stretch they all look really green and healthy.
  16. miracle grow , the time released nutes have killed many of grows
  17. This are autoflowers I'm planning to flush em in a week. Thanks I'm putting lights closer.

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