why the world is so messed up

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  1. People are inherently good, because our evolution and biology as social creatures has made us so. If evil was inherent in some people, natural selection removes it from the gene pool.

    Yet bad things still happen.

    Bad things happen thanks to misguided people, people who have their priorities mixed up by an increasingly complex world. Evil is allowed and encouraged by the systems we create, systems that only an elite few can understand and manipulate. These systems insulate us from the repercussions of our actions. We are no longer forced to behave well, because no one is able to judge who's to blame anymore. Because of this complexity, the act of judging who's to blame comes as great cost, and is therefore politicized. Politics complicates matters further, all but eliminating any hope of finding the truth. Conclusions are found, but by the end, truth is less important than closure. Outsiders, i.e. the rest of us, are left, cynical and jaded and hopeless.

    We've complicated our world to the point where we can no longer understand it, control it, or rely on it. Awareness and education of a kind never before achieved is the only hope to prevent us from sinking into the depths of cynicism and paranoia.

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  2. good and evil do not truely exist.

    to think through the purest logic one must trancend the black and white mentality. but that is but only the first step.

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