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  1. Every time I go out to get some bud, my guy always has it packaged before I get there and when I get home it's always off by like .20 or .30 hasn't been over that yet.... but I mean I only ask for like 3gs at a time and its always off and im getting pissed. am i overreacting? do i need to tell him? i dont want to sound like an ass.

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    you should find a new guy.
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  3. Have you calibrated your scale?
    If so, then I would politely let your hook up know that their scale may be off a bit.

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  4. .2 or .3 is probably a scale issue, especially if it is consistent. Depending how friendly you are with the guy just say hey, weighed the last couple and they were off by .2, might need to calibrate your scale
  5. Yup make sure a nickle on your scale is 5 grams, then tell him your short and it's not on your end. Any legitimate plug will make up the difference without question.

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  6. Could be that your hookup is using mechanical scales. Postal scales for example aren't always accurate down to tenths. Could be that they just don't care because your buying such a small amount as well.

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