Why the hell not?

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  1. I am very shy about the art I create, never really share it with anyone, but I notice others have the courage to share their work here, so I figured WTH not? :)

    It's been great seeing fellow stoners art work. I'm well impressed, particularly as you can see, unless it's a still life or abstract, I tend to copy existing characters/ideas. Some people in this art section have amazing imaginations, kudos.

    So I can't take credit for all the ideas, obviously, but I lurve comic book art and have been doing a lot of that lately.

    Thanks for looking fellow blades. :smoking:


    piccys 001.jpg

    piccys 003.jpg

    piccys 004.jpg

    piccys 007.jpg
  2. Very nice indeed, you have talent.

    Thank you for sharing +rep
  3. Wow, those are some beautiful art pieces! Thanks for breaking the barrier and having the courage to show them, +rep.
  4. The Batman one is epic.

    Love it.
  5. Thanks for the kind words peeps. :)

    It feels good to share. :eek::D:smoking:
  6. Couple more that I've done recently



    Thanks for looking. :wave:
  7. I love the fish one.
  8. That fish one is awesome! All I could think looking at it was what an awesome wall that would be in my son's room. He loves anything and everything ocean, and is at the age where cartoon-y is still good. He would LOVE those fish.

    Alas, I have no artistic skill myself.

    Kudos to you, beautiful work.
  9. Nice job, honestly.

    You've got talent for sure :)
  10. Thanks very much! :)
  11. i have to say, im really diggin the batman one. epic shit
  12. Thank you! :D:wave:

    I'm gonna do a Watchmen pic next...just haven't decided what yet.....:smoking:
  13. The V one is really good, and the Batman one is almost dead on. It's the cover to Hush if I'm not mistaken, right?
  14. good stuff F4E!
    btw that witch one is going on my pumpkin next Halloween :D
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    Oh shit man, I don't even know. :eek: I'm sure you're right. :) Thanks for the kind words.:wave:

    Thanks! Actually it's V for Vendetta. You should watch it, great fucking movie!
  16. ALl I gotta say is wow great work. The fish in the sea is just fucking beautiful, I'm serious it caught my eye immediately. It's worthy of being in a show, and picked up by me ;)
  17. :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:Mucho Respecto
    This thread made me :D:D:D:D:D:D
  18. It's pretty good stuff, man. I definitely like the still life in the original post. Keep it up, man. You really have nothing to be shy about; you're pretty damned talented.
  19. Hehe, thanks man. :D Doh, got yourself banned didja? :rolleyes:

    Coolies! Thanks! :D:wave:

    That's really kind of you to say so, thanks. :) I just do it to please myself and decorate my own space, it's nice to be sharing some of it. :smoking:

    Thought I'd check my discipline with a good old pencil drawing and some a4 copier paper. :p

    Rorshach from Watchmen:

    rorshach 001.JPG

    Yeah, I know, I fucked the hands up a bit. :p

    Thanks for looking! :wave:

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