Why the fuck can't i get high anymore

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  1. Really?! i need to try this it cant hurt. Can you explain why this occurs?
  2. Where can you get omega 3? I usually take 2 weeks off every now and then.
  3. Anywhere basically, just go to the drug store or your local food market.
  4. [quote name='"BlueTang"']Anywhere basically, just go to the drug store or your local food market.[/quote]

    Thanks never even heard of it. Gotta try it!
  5. honestly the best trick is a protein shake containing flax seed oil and take b1, b6 and b12 vitamins daily while on a 2 week t-break and utilizing the shake for 1 month. Gets me to square 1.

    honestly the cheapest method I have is: buy an ounce of mids($120) then i do small 3 gram BHO run. dabs last me almost 3 hours and the small run will last me about a week -2 weeks.

    The only way to lower your tolerance without stopping is to do the omega 3 and buy regs and slowly taper off how much you smoke(you wont be that high) but after a few weeks switching to the good stuff will keep me good.
  6. ahhaa this guy saying hes smoking better weed than most of us in canada out of a bucket LMAO. come to colorado or cali and smoke some real dank out of a real tube. Take one dab out some lemon g13 oil out of my sov stem 8 and it will get u higher than smoking a gram to ur face of ur "dankkkk" canadian bud through ur bucket.
  7. Hey now be nice we can get pretty bomb shit. Have you checked out the official Toronto pick up thread? Some dank stuff in there. Besides BC bud man! Where do you think that cam from? Canaduh!
  8. Unfortunately I have no idea why it works. Only that after reading her article I was convinced, and I'm usually pretty skeptical.
  9. I've heard gravity bongs bring up your tolerance fast. Not sure how accurate that is, just hearsay. Maybe try a different method of smoking? Or the best option would be a tolerance break.
  10. Yeahhhh........ okay buddy.
  11. Specificly british columbia.. not general canada.

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  12. With they amount of closet grows around here I would say generally Canada not BC.  Try eating a mango before you smoke, and I would buy a bong, they work better then buckets, and conserve just as much.
  13. Buckets are terrible for tolerance

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  14. I have been smoking since I was 11 (don't judge me I had a rough life)haven't quit a day in my life and I still get the same high sometimes more intense but maybe you need to take a break like 2 or 3 months and then go back to smoking my friend did it and said his high was amazing Good Luck on you journey

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