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Why the fuck can't i get high anymore

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HIGHTILLIDIEY, May 24, 2012.

  1. Ok, so i have been smoking weed for 5 years str8 the last 3 years being everyday, and i mean literally everyday. Not no snotty nose lil punk who reps SWED this is a fact and to be honest not really proud of it. Anyhow i don't want to hear that the weed i get is bunk because i live i Canada and it is alot better then most people have ever smoked in their lives. Now the 2 years i would smoke casually and the methods would vary from blunts, joint, bongs, pipes and so on. But for the last 3 years of my everyday activity i have ONLY used Buckets ( or what some people call gravity bong or waterfall ) knowing after 2 years of smoking that this got you the most high, the most bang for your buck so to say. Ive smoked tons of weed back in the day and i would smoke all day. (again literally) Recently (when i grew up got a job and stoped selling weed) i didn't have time to smoke all day but when i did have the time i would make sure to smoke ALOT. this went on for about the last year now. I have recently been laid off from work and find myself with alot more time to smoke but not as much weed to do it with. I end up trying to save my weed doing buckets throughout the day but no matter how many i do, i just dont get high. Ive tried different smoking methods recently and can definately rule out that. My most Recent assumption is that no matter how good your weed is you have to switch up the kinds of weed you smoke. I can feel myself getting high with other types of weed but i know for a fact it's not as good as the weed i usually get which of course is always kush or hemp (mostly kush) i just want to hear anyones idea's and want to get high again like i used to!!! please!
  2. oh yea i have been searching the internet for methods and joined specifically to ask what people thought about this problem, because everyone else iv'e seen ask this question does not smoke everyday like myself or doesn't even no how to smoke, OR the possibility they just get poppy weed
  3. Take a tolerance break. Stop smoking for like a month and then go at it again.
  4. Sounds like your tolerance is too high. Not surprising considering you've been smoking so consistently.

    Take a t-break -- I'd suggest at least a month to bring your tolerance back down to where you can get an enjoyable high.

    Sucks, but it happens.
  5. Not sure what you mean when you state you have been smoking Hemp. Real Hemp has about a 1% THC level. The Kush could be 12 - 24%.

    Any store bought stuff (none dispensory) will end up blocking your receptors for awhile.

    It does sound like a T-Break is needed. :smoke:
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  6. I agree with everyone else looks like you need a 30 day t break.

    However, if you cannot afford to take a break due to medical reason(s) and need to medicate constantly, then maybe it is time to start making your own Concentrates such as BHO or Hash Or Hash Oil. Maybe to start you can try making some FREE QWISO hash oil check out my tutorial
  7. Damn you Mr Nice guy beat me to the punch...thats what I was gonna say...I have to medicate everyday myself man, and have medicated literally everyday the past 8 years. where other methods fail, such as vaping or smoking, concentrates get you utterly wasted. For the 10-20 tube rips I could take in an average session, I'll get about the same effect off of 3-5 lil dabs...Also variety definitely does help. Most easily however, if you can stop medicating, take a 30 day break :p

  8. I agree man! I love concentrates! :D [​IMG] due to my medical conditions i need concentrates and boy they have saved my ass! 3-5 lil dabs and i can feel like i use to feel off of a little bit! But if i just smoke bud it will take me at-least a nice gram to 2 grams of HIGH HIGH % thc bud to feel remotely anything.

    Ps just wanted to point out while we are on the topic of concentrates that I hate the kids that get BAKED OFF of like a .2 of seedy ass SWAG the low low mids, has never ever tried good bud before, and then comes on here asking about how to acquire or make concentrates!?!?!?!?!

    SERIOUSLY?! concentrates are meant for people who have somewhat of a tolerance so that they can feel as high as the kid who barely smoked a .3 but cant remember his name and is couch locked lmao. :D

  9. ounce of schwag EQUALS...a but high quality BHO :D
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    Lmao i know hahahahaha!
  11. That picture is looking REAL nice by the way :D, think i might go take a nice dab right now
  12. Yeah if you thought your tolerance was messed now then start doing dabs :p But since you're just smoking for fun not to medicate I'd really suggest getting better dope because it just sounds like your bud isn't as good as you think it is. Also buckets man? I did that in high school, get something that will get the job done like a bong or a vaporizer. If you haven't already tried daps though as everyone said they get you mangled so give it a shot.
  13. You buggers gave me a boner. :smoke:
  14. lmao, yw, and dont forget to bring a towel :laughing:
  15. smoke fuckin oil dude im sure theres hash oil in canada. there is NO almost getting baked on that shit one dab and youre on the moon
  16. one dab, I'm floating off the ground a lil bit...maybe 10 or 20 dabs and I'll get to the moon, lol...
  17. Either tolerance or the weed you're smoking. I was complaining about the same thing not to long ago. I guess my school's weed wasn't up to my standards, so now i'm smoking stuff from home (might I add, only a bowl has been used) and i'm just fried.
  18. take some omega 3 and restore your cannabinol receptors! search storm crow and omega 3 im sure there will be a thread explaining everything!
  19. Take a line of kief
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  20. I can attest to this. My receptors were very damaged from herbal incense. Couldn't get high after I got off probation.

    While doing a google search, I found Storm Crow's omega 3 article. I decided to give it a try and bought 200 fish oil capsules. I continued baking a little bit of mids every day to see if/when any changes would take place. After about 3 weeks I started getting a little high, then a little more, then a little more. It was strange, every day I smoked my tolerance dropped more and more.

    That wasn't too long ago. I am 100% convinced that Omega 3 and time is the perfect way to restore your love for the bud, friend.:hello:
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