Why the f*ck does shit like this happen?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cowofsteel, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. I got fucking ripped of $80 (yea sure not that much, but it was my money, not his) tonight... shoulda fucking seen it coming, a friend of mine (used to be anyway) told me he had an oz for $80, so I said sweet and told him to bring it on over. He brought it over with his dealer, but said since his dealer is on probabtion, I couldn't see his face, said he'd be right back in with it. I knew it was sketchy, but I fucking trusted the guy, he WAS my friend after all. He parked off to the side of my house (where all my friends park) so I didn't notice that he'd got in the car, put it in reverse and fucking left. I don't know what the fuck he thinks he is doing, I mean, I see the kid everyday in school, and I know were he lives. Then the other kid with him I actually have a class with! There by no means strong, and I could easily take one of them, maybe both of them. But I hate violince, no way I'm kicking someones ass, its just not something I do.

    So now I have to call him tommrow and sort this whole bullshit out, hopefully I won't have to fuck up his car to get my money back, but I will, if I have too. I just wish people could be honest and not stupid little conseded pricks!!!!! FUCKERS!!

    argh, felt good to let that all out. thanks
  2. ugh, id go to his house and bash that fuckers windows in. here in CT that would be punishment enough, since its 3 degrees outside right now ;p

    that was just fucking stupid on his part. maybe if he didn't know the person he was ripping off... actually, taht would still be a bad idea. what a tool.

  3. grow ur own and dont bother with the criminal element.

  4. haha, yea not like growing it is illegal or anything.............
  5. like its not illegal to possess it anyways
  6. That sucks. I've gotten ripped off a lot since the move, but never that extreme. I usually give them money and they in return hand me a bag of brown plant matter that barely gives me a buzz. So, I stopped buying. Violence occured to me, but it'd only cause problems...

    Anyway, I hope it works out.

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