why the bible is wrong part 3, or isit 4... what number we on? .... no idk either.

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can we just shut the fuck up about this rather old tripe? honesty in the future?

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  1. why the bible is wrong...

    because threads like these come up over and over. thats why!

  2. There are many things that we cannot prove or disprove right now, god is one, any specific religion unfortunatly. However it is a mistake to think or claim that it is not possible to prove either way.

    I'm not sure if we'll ever rid ourselves of religion, one can only dream, but if we continue to exist as a species I believe that we will eventualy prove a lot that we claim is unprovable right now.

    Religion explains what is temporarily unexplainable.

    Of course our arrogance will make most people believe that if we don't know it right now we'll never know it. When we kill ourselves in war, probably two religions fighting, then we won't have a chance anyway so why bother talking about it in the first place.
  3. Gonna bounce in here because there seems to be some big parts of this argument missing (I'm following from the last thread).

    First of all to believe that there has never been any proven flaws or contradictions in the bible is wrong.

    MsLegally hits upon the most important of these in her post on the last thread:

    If the bible is considered to be Old and New Testaments together then Jesus disobeying the laws of Moses (in declaring all food clean) is surely a contradiction in Gods word. Or rather a development of Gods word. Gods word was not correct in the first place so it must be revised. This in itself tells us that God is not infallible as the rule has been reversed or changed (meaning that it must have been WRONG).

    The Old Testament claims, no less than 3,808 times that it is the message of God.

    "The claim in the New Testament is that it too is absolutely infallible because the gospel of John tells us it was transmitted to the gospel writers by none other than the Holy Ghost (Jn 14:26; 16:13). It is this Holy Ghost which made sure that the New Testament was correct and that all the Apostle's of Jesus are inspired by God. Fallible memory did not come into it because the infallible Holy Ghost had perfect recollection. So the whole Bible, Old and New, is inspired by God and is totally infallible."

    Yet the words of God containing specific rules in the Old Testament are altered by Jesus in the New Testament.

    God is hence shown to be fallible and completely not all knowing. God makes mistakes and corrects them.

    Good. Makes life more reassuring knowing that the all knowing one makes mistakes and forgets (Err, God, you forgot your newpaper dude).

    Further, when we are talking about the bible, which version of it are we talking about? Which one is the infallible word of God?

    How come modern versions of Issiah are almost entirely different to those copies of the same verses found as part of the dead sea scrolls?

    Beyond this, as Zylark said, where is the outside context for the bible? How come so much other contemporary literature does not corroborate the "evidence" in the bible?

    In fact why is that almost all evidence points to the Old Testament being complete rubbish and the new testament being a high minded moralistic tale?

    Now what about a few more contradictions...


    Ahh, how about this one.

    This is only minor, but surely minor mistakes would not be made in an infallible book?

    The wording on the cross Jesus hangs from is different in all four gospels. Johns gospel implies that there were different inscriptions (3) but he states that they all read "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews".

    And what about after Jesus was born (vigin birth, pah, she'd obviously been at with the goatsmilk man while Joseph was off at work) in Bethlehem, where next for the supposed son of god?

    Mathhew says Egypt.

    Luke says Nazereth

    And what about where the New Testament quotes the Old Testament... incorrectly. Now this is the sort of mistake you'd expect from a book written by man (bad translation, bias, blah blah) but not one written by a so called infallible god.

    The bible is a metaphorical book of "lesson".

    Even the Pope of the Catholic church stated that the descriptions of Heaven and Hell within the bible are metaphorical. "The fire is a metaphor for eternal separation from God and heaven is not a balmy place with a narrow gate, but an ineffable union with God. So for two millennia, the greatest scholars of the church have all been fibbers, or at the kindest, did not know what they were talking about. Now that the church has decided to admit its failings, perhaps they is a remote possibility that it will eventually admit that the whole caboozle is also metaphoric, and the entry of God into earth is a myth."


    That's 10 minutes of my life gone.

  4. ok... first off...
    this thread was meant as a joke.
    i didnt want the argument to continue. i wanted to ridicule the whole point. You dont see me getting all upity if someone says that aitheism is a loada shit. as the poll is already showing... the only people who care about this discussion are christians.

    brought up on christianity of some form, and so, yes all those things are instilled upon me. good thing. i'm happy for that, chrisitianity isnt "bad" per say. but you missed out the one thing from you list of things the bible seems to stand for (or at the very least those who go around preaching it..), Ignorance. -(edit)... oh, and hypocracy.

    so the bible obviously isnt doing its job very well then is it.

    ps. i only read the first two replies. this topic bores the hell outta me. nothing good can come of it.
  5. Well.

    How about the rest of us who want to discuss and don't find it boring?

    Could you possibly patronise anymore?

    "but you missed out the one thing from you list of things the bible seems to stand for (or at the very least those who go around preaching it..), Ignorance. -(edit)... oh, and hypocracy."

    Yep, and you're perfect I assume??

    I'm off to post in the other topic. Where debate is not stifled due to boredom.

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  6. FI, sorry mang, nicked your image.

    You must be incensed.
  7. icarumba.. i didnt know i would offend so much. it wasnt my intent at all.

    surely u guys have enough space elsewhere for this argument by now. i posted this thread initially to just poke fun at the topic, or perhaps to allow a debate about whether the existance of the debate could yeild any benifit... considering the stubborn mindedness of people on both sides.

    faaaaar from perfect (i'm working on it, just dont ask Moonlighthigh, she's bias)... but that doesnt mean i'm not allowed to point out flaws wherever i see them.

    ... damn... i wanna change my last sig line to "to correct a problem we must first identify it", but i just got that new one. :( :p


    sureshot... hey, u wanna lighten up man. :) :D
  8. I'm very light. Some would say I border on rampant silliness the width of my grin is so wide.

    I just don't always agree with people.

    I find comments like "i only read the first two replies. this topic bores the hell outta me. nothing good can come of it" slightly pointless. If it bores you, don't post. Further, something good can always come out of debate, maybe i may learn a little more about the mindset of Christians and they may understand a little more about mine.

    Sure, no ones going to change their fundamental beliefs but maybe some new ideas can be explored and examined.

    On a side note. There is plenty of room, but the label of your thread implies that a new thread has been required.


  9. And as such, some jokes:

    Q:How many Calvinists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A:None. God has predestined when the lights will be on.

    Q:How many liberals does it take to change a light bulb?
    A:10, as they need to hold a debate into whether or not the lightbulb exists. Even if they can agree upon the existence of the lightbulb they may not go ahead and change it for fear of alienating those who use fluorescent tubes.

    Q:How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb ?

    A:That's all right, I'll just sit in the darkness.

    Q:How many Presbyterians does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: (with dour expression) Change??

    Q:How many fundamentalists does it take to screw in a light bulb?


    Q:How many Zen Buddhists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A:Two, one to screw it in and one not to screw it in.

  10. K.

    cant argue with that. ... infact it sounds like something i would say.

    i suppose i just think time could be better spent discussing other topics. i've spent years of my life on this one almost as if it was an unwanted hobby of mine.

    on the side note... i think i was trying to be sarcastic with that title.

    ....loved the jokes btw. especially the last three.
  11. good question....
    none of us will know if the bible is right or wrong. we didnt grow up in that era. these people believe what they believe due to faith. and if u have to see to believe then i guess u will just have a lot of unanswered questions....
  12. Who so ever believith in me shall have everlasting life. Take the lord into your lives, He gave you this wonderful plant and all kinds of good things.

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