Why the anger towards rap?

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  1. Although its not as apparent here, but other forums and in real life most people really do "hate" rap. My post here is to somewhat defend the idea of rap being a respectable type of music.

    Not all rap is the same! Just because you hear "f*ck this, f*ck that, Im a badass rapper, and im black!" on the radio does not mean all rap is like that. There are artists who keep things on the positive side, trying to get their listeners to think and realize things. Listen to Immortal Technique, jedi mind tricks or even some Eminem, but think about what they are saying.

    Secondly, music is an expression of something, whether it be life, dream or contorted reality. Everybody does not have the same upbringing, so not all music will ever be "good" in your opinion. I listen to all types of music, so according to most stereotypes Im a nazi(german rock), honkie(country), ganster(rap), goth(rock, death metal etc), chink(japenese pop), band geek(drum corp, college bands)and a beaner(spanish music). [I am just listing the stereotypes, I mean no offense if one of the listed has/can been applied to you]
  2. Dunno. Raps the only music for me..

    ballin and stackin
  3. I used to be all about rap. But the new shit sucks imo. Pretty much all of it. Then I got into rock. Now its all about zeppelin and skynyrd. But yea old rap is the shit, atleast the good songs. Who else hates all those stupid fuckin club songs, I cant stand em.
  4. I dunno man, nothin like ludacris when your blazin a blunt, or 8ball and mjg.. UGK..
  5. theres a lot of good rap

    i listen to almost any kind of music it just depends the mood im in, not country though, definitely dont like country
  6. Everyone hates rap because it fucking sucks! Just kidding, it's not my cup of tea most of the time but it can be fun.

    I'm a big jazz fan(well, I'm a jazz musician, go figure) and I listen to a bit of classical but I'm more selective about what classical I listen so(Canadian Brass are the shit if you like brass music, they're hilarious live and I got to play with them once!). I also listen to new rock(that's what they call what they play on The Edge in Toronto) so Oasis, Hot Hot Heat, The Killers, and on and on and on.

    People only hear about the "bad rap" in the media and that's why some people lump it all together. You and I know it's not all about robbing, shooting, and raping but the general public doesn't. Actually, the general public doesn't know much. Have you ever heard Christian Gansta Rap? Now that shit is funny! "Jump up! Jump up! Jumpin' in the House o' God!" ROFL
  7. I wouldnt expect a jazz musician to like rap at all.

    I like rap cause I relate. Im listenin to this song now and its my lifestyle

  8. lmao my buddy told me about that. They were rappin about how they killed so many people and turned their life around. Let me hear you say: PRAISE THE LORD, come on come on now PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD what what
  9. thanks for pointing out the diffrence of mainstream and underground..

    this is just like ANY style of music..
  10. people ALWAYS HAVE and (unfortunately) ALWAYS WILL hate what they don't understand

    how many people do you know that like rap AND country...or rap AND blues...i know there are some, but they're the minority....and the worst part is, the reason (as i understand) that rap fans don't like country and country fans don't like rap is more because of the lifestyle that is portrayed.... just because dude wears his pants at his knees and has a shirt that would hit an 8 ft guy at his hips doesn't mean he's "gangsta" and just because a stereotypical country fan dresses the way they do "don't mean they no cowboy" haha.... it's just the way our messed up world is and unfortunately, open-minded, freethinking people are the minority....or at least don't have the power
  11. People misunderstand rap.

    It's hard to genuinley understand the reality and the fiction in rap.

    It's unfortunate because rap is such an interesting, broad and wonderful type of music and it's judged by it's first impression.
  12. for all of you who dont like or listen to rap... there is a difference between rap and hip hop.. im mostly a hip hop guy.. i define rap as the shit you see on mtv.. hip hop is a whole other ball field ..hip hop is more poetry then anything else.. you should check it out.
  13. i dont know why rap gets such a bad press... underlying racism? Cos the only rappers people see are average flowers like fiddy and his bunch of goons...

    Outkast are one of the best groups in world music today, no questions asked
  14. oldschool rap is ok i suppose...but rap in general blows because its all rerun, they all sing about the same exact shit: my bling, my puss, ima playa',it was hard growin up without a dad,my neighborhood was rough,had to play ball or sell crack,sippin on some syzzrp,blah blah shootin people, being a badass...it just gets old and there arent any good hooks in the music .

    no guitar or nuthin just fake noises with guys rhyming in the background.

    old stuff like doggystyle and chronic maybe e z and blackstreet, old jay z,n stuff like that

    this is just my opinion though since you asked
  15. I'll concede that some underground stuff has interesting lyrical content, and that it certainly does require some skill to be able to freestyle decently... but I still CANNOT STAND mainstream rap.

    I know this doesn't represent all hip hop out there but it really seems to me like a lot of popular rap is basicaly just a bunch of ego-obsessed thugs that got a record deal and use it to boast about how badass they are.

    Also these rap feuds are so fucking dumb. It seems that the only thing they really have to talk about is how much street cred they have and how hard their ghetto life is. If you're a thug and like to be reminded of how cool you are then I guess listening to that kind of boring shit is alright, but it certainly doesn't do much to impress me. And to be perfectly honest I think most of their beats are pretty dull and that they dress like clowns. I laugh out loud whenever I see these guys who have to walk like retards because their pants' crotch is down to their knees.

    I do like MF Doom and Madlib though... I hope that little rant wasn't offensive to any rap fans out there, I'm sure most of you like the good stuff.
  16. I'm a fan of most rap up until around the year 2000. Now heavy metal is pretty much my thing, though I like (literally) all styles of music. But the way I see it, most new rap is kind of empty. It's not about anything and its very repetitive. Old rap lyrics used to have meaning. It was a form of poetry. But now its mostly bitches, hoes, blunts, dope, glocks, bling, and most other sterotypical things.
  17. i only like lil wyte.

    abnd some of his songs suck.

    hes one of those rappers with a handful of good songs and bunch of bad songs
  18. Rap is alright, there are some songs that arent too bad, I just think that calling rappers musicians is a complete insult to musicians. I dont hate people that listen to rap or anything like that, in fact most my friends listen to rap, I just think that they aren't musicians at all but more poets. Just my two cents

  19. Yeah, I am a big fan of rap, it angers me when people look down at you when you tell them you are a fan of this music, just because people assoicate (spelling sorry!) this music with crime.

    I am totally open minded about music myself, hell, the other day I was listening to The Beatles! Lol :D
  20. Yeah,
    It is rediculous to attack the value of any genre of music just because you personally don't care for it.

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