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  1. Im really blazed right now, and was thinking. :p Well Im black and I just don't understand why I get that look from other races you know that look stale face, no smile, squinty eyes. I even try to be friendly and smile first but nope still that look...I worked at the movies for a few and was told by my mainly white co-workers I was intimidating LOL?? They had no reason just I WAS but as they got to know me they changed their opinion. After leaving their at working at the YMCA with older people it was even worse espcially based on how I dressed the looks would get bolder. But now im babling

    My question is do you guys get these looks when walking out in public? At first I thought it was only older white people but now I notice its even younger white girls, asians and its messing with my game because Im tired of black women and like to expand even the latinas are giving me that look. I have to put forth an extra effort just to spark a convo even go as far as changing my voice from being to deep .:(

  2. If you dress like a thug maybe thats the reason lol
  3. Lol well the way I dress shouldnt matter. I noticed if I wear nice jeans W/belt and dress shirt I get smiles most of the time, but if I even dare try to be comfy in sweats and a jacket Im stared down, street crossing, red faces. The whole shabang. And what is dressing like a thug really? Baggy pants and tall white tee?
  4. Can't say I do. I'm a white guy but my facial hair seems to make Indian girls and African girls like me more than before I grew it.

    So maybe grow some facial hair? Hmm maybe not if you're already intimidating. Do you need glasses? Maybe looking a bit 'smarter' will help with the intimidation?

    Wearing lighter colours? That whole thug thing might not have been such a bad starting point.

    Change of hair might help. Guys with dreadlocks generally look chiller than shaved head or corn rows.

    Are you stoned all the time? Because people might just be able to tell that you're stoned and that's why you get the faces.
  5. Good advice, maybe Ill switch back to glasses Ive been wearing my contacts mostly, and I keep my hair short and fresh cut, Im shaved and have a chin strap with stache. I am always stoned, thats what I thought it was but after working at YMCA and not smoking that wasnt it. Ive stopped going out in public stoned a lot becuase the weed smell gets me tons of those looks even as far as calling the cops a couple of times.
  6. maybe it is just what you're wearing. when i see a white guy in baggy sweats and shit my first instinct is to think he's a scrub. i know its wrong to judge but it happens.

  7. A scrub :laughing:.
  8. you're all abunch of damn scrubs
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    But it does man. I'm white if I dressed like a bum baggy ass clothes, 2 sizes to big t shirts, big ass
    Boots, and hat cocked to the side I'd probably get the same looks.

    Edit: forgot to mention the gold chains. Lol. Leave those at home if you always wear them. That's like the number one sign your thuggin it.
  10. You could try wearing Will Smith clothing.


    It may be your build stature, the sound of your voice, the way your hold yourself up, or people may simply just be prejudiced against you either racially or otherwise. I don't know what to tell you, man.
  11. Just stare back lol
  12. [​IMG]
    This is how I dress when Im just trying to leave the house and go to the mall, I like to ballout. My friends say I look like gucci.
  13. blame the rest of em.. im by no means racist or anything, but i cant help it if i see a black sagging baggy ass pants, a bandana hanging out the back, a wife beater and a doo rag intimidating.
    obviously if you dress like a thug, people will think your a thug. i know you didnt say you dressed like that, but see where im going with this?
  14. I dont get where wearing a du rag means thug?? I wear it for waves, and others for braids. I mean I dont come outside with it on because its like wearing a night cap out. I feel like anything I wear if its the wrong way Im automatically a thuggish ruggish bone
  15. Honesty if I saw somebody dressed like this I would give them a head nod. If you show your not scared then there's no reason for them to do anything. Thugs want respect so you gotta show it to them
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    Yes, I get these looks out in public. I was in Best Buy parking lot finishing my cig, some lady was walking out to her car, passenger side right next to me. As soon as she got in, before starting the car she locked her doors. Since I was the only person around I felt like she did that just because of my presence.

    I didn't take it as an affront to my cultural background though. I didn't blame it on the fact that my ancestors were mistreated. I don't think she did it because of the way I was dressed (new leather coat, new vehicle), and I don't think it was due to the color of my skin (we're both white).

    Fact of the matter is, some people are just cautious around others. Especially large men who are by themselves in a parking lot. You've got to consider all the variables, the fact that you jump right away to "it's because I'm black" speaks volumes about your self confidence and awareness. I wouldn't be surprised if you went out of your way to provoke these looks just to feed that narrative.

    No offense, I hope you get past the whole skin color thing. Peace, brother :smoke:
  17. It's probably just that inter-racial relations are shit and people need to pull their heads out of their asses and realize that we're all human.
  18. Hes rich as hell yes he still dresses in tank tops
  19. Where do u live? That matters
  20. Well yeah people are catious around others esecially alone in a lot and Im not going to waste my time with you, you obviously have not got that look. Im way past the race thing just asking a questions because even thoug I am not everyone is and I can miss out and get treated dif because of it so dont turn it around like im trying to play the race card here your post was nice at the paragraph then your input wasnt needed, thanks though.

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