Why that little bitch!

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  1. http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-odd/20090220/ODD.Daughter.Busts.Mom/

    Girl, 15, turns in mom for allegedly smoking pot

    Fri Feb 20, 3:59 PM EST

    A 15-year-old girl turned in her mom for allegedly smoking marijuana in front of her. The 32-year-old woman was cited on suspicion of child abuse and marijuana possession. The daughter called the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, and authorities executed a search warrant of her mother's home on Wednesday.
    The girl told authorities where they could find the woman's drug paraphernalia and marijuana. One gram of pot was found.
    The woman has two other children living in the home.
  2. laaaaaaaame!

    i bet if she was smoking a cigarette in front of her the little girl wouldn't have done anything
  3. She was probably mad at her mom cause she wouldn't let her go to the mall.
  4. If it REALLY was childabuse then who the hell cares, turn the mom in for everything.
    If it wasn't...then yeah, that little bitch.

  5. I bet!
  6. Maybe she wanted to go into foster care.
  7. Hmmm well suspicion of child abuse tagged on there.

    Maybe the mom was not as innocent as you think.

  8. Perhaps the suspicion of child abuse was tied to the poss. of marijuana....
  9. maybe, but smoking in front of a child is enough to get a neglet/abuse/endangering a minor charge.
  10. That's what I'm thinking. Maybe some domestic abuse going on as well.

  11. maybe mantory rape?

    :eek: LESBO! :rolleyes:
  12. this is what i was thinking.

    which is total bullshit because it would only apply if it were marijuana. smoking a cigarette in an enclosed vehicle with a small child in the back, however...now that's perfectly acceptable.
  13. Or not?

  14. Not where I live. As of January the 21st if you are caught smoking in a car with someone under the age of 16 you will be fined a maximum 250$.

    Its crazy.
  15. If she is abusing the child then sure, lock her the fuck up

    Or are they trying to say that the suspicion of child abuse IS the smoking marijuana infront of her?
  16. that's great in my opinion. what state is that?
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    Ontario, Canada. Only 2 people have been charged so far.

    The second person to get caught was with his 15 year old daughter and smoking in the car. After the dad got his ticket his daughter lit up a smoke.

    Looks like this law is off to a great start.

    EDIT: I am sure other provinces are going through this as well.
  18. Maybe the kid was pissed cause mom was bogarting the "J".

  19. sad but true
  20. God, change that damn avatar Stoned

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