why swishers?

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  1. alright been reading a lot about swishers for rolling a decent blunt...WTF? i've been rolling for a while around a college campus and got mad rep for my skills on campus and i've NEVER heard of this...i've smoked swishers (not as a blunt as a cigar) and it was terrible...the outer paper was defiantly flavored paper...like the best thing i've rolled with is a dutch...its a legit leaf on the outside and the paper on the inside is moist so it doesn't crack...all i'm saying is grape dutch masters blunts are the best and longest burning...i can see swishers being done faster than a joint...what do you guys think!?
  2. I use swishers because they are easier for me to roll and when I'm on the go those are the cigars I can roll the fastest and they are cheap.
  3. thank you....

    but people like swishers because the leaf is smaller (less excess), it's fairly easy to unroll, it doesn't have all the veins and whatnot that dutches have, and they taste alright for what they are.
  4. dutch masters and games for quality...

    swishers for cheap, easy to roll and smokes good.
  5. People just use Swisher's because they are so available, they are cheap and easy to roll.

    but if you really enjoy your herb you will spend the little extra time and cash to roll a longer, smoother blunt. ie. Dutchmaster, Games!
  6. I roll Games since they smoke for longer, and that's just what im used too.

    I rolled this GREEN GAME in like 3-5 Minutes and it burnt for 30-40 minutes while i smoked it to myself just 5 minutes ago. IM FUCKED UPPP.
  7. You do know why it burns "Slower" Right?
    Cuz it's a big ass Piece of fuckin Tobacco Leaf, of course it's gonna burn Slower.

    I smoke Swishers but I've been smoking Joints Recently
    The Tobacco kills the flavor of the weed, not to mention the taste.
    And I hate waking up spitting that nasty ass Phlegm. . .
  8. ALL blunt wraps are tobacco leaves.....
  9. it depends on how much bud i'm putting in it. if it's less than a g i use a swish, more than a g and I choose either a white grape or green game.
  10. Phillies all day.
  11. theyre cheap and they smoke good. most people on the west coast smoke sweeshurs

    if you want to roll a real chop though, roll up a backwood. honey berry flavor and a good bit a weed in there is heaven. they laaaast too.


    its one big leaf so you gotta unroll it and re roll it. if you want you can rectangle it with a razor after its been unrolled
  12. in my opinion swishers suck.a long time used to do dutches.but for the past year and some change,its only been vanilla and peach games.
  13. i like swishers cause they're easy to roll. well...i really just fold them, but it gets the job done.
    Swishers are good for anything between .5 and 1.5g, for larger blunts i like to use dutches, but i cant roll them very well.
  14. ive used every type of cigar there is and in my point of view the best longlasting easy to get leaf off is a game, i usually just get a green or peach game and roll a nice faty
  15. I like em cause there always fresh and the cigarillo has no filter and is perfect size for a blunt IMO. plus the wine flavor is so good.

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