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Why such long T-breaks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marijuanauser, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Why does almost everyone on here take month long T-breaks? I mean all you really need is 1 day, I compared that to taking a break from 50 days and there really wasn't much of a difference, seems kinda like a waste.
  2. ya i know what you mean sometimes i got a lot of stuff going and dont get to smoke for a couple days and i can definitely tell a difference.
  3. One day? Not with how i smoke.
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    Ignorant post, bro.

    If you are not a "Once a week" smoker, I don't know how you can think that a one day T-break is as good as a 50 day T-break (Which is actually more then neccessary).

    I'm actually on day 3 of 30 myself.
  5. Yeah, lol, one day is just gonna make me happier to smoke again, takes a month or so to have a real significant difference
  6. I don't know, one day break and one hit will get me stoned into another dimension.

  7. ;/

    2-4 days does wonders for me, makes that first high mind blowing. i can't even imagine a month

    i get pretty fucking high and smoke almost nightly/daily
  8. you probably havent been smoking that long... when you smoke everyday all day like me and go on a month long T break your gonna feel like tha T break was totaly worth it

    also to make your Tbreak more effective you should try eating healthier and gatting more exercise (to cleanse your system)
    and your 2 week Tbreak will feel like it was a month long
  9. Unintentional 16 day break here, I'm really fucking pumped for later.
  10. Is it possible to get old school high's back??

    I've been smoking for like 2-3 years straight and for a few years before that


    having another old school high is one of my goals in life
  11. Well I smoke everyday and stay high for atleast 8 hours, so when I take a day long T-break I can tell a huge difference, well actually I really don't need a T-break since my tolerance is close to 0. But then again I always take a unintentional break during the weekends.
  12. well if ur smoking like an 8th of the stickiest icky a day and then go 24 hours w/o smoking then yes, your tolerance will drop and u'll notice a big difference for about the first 2 bowls then ull be back where u started. so..... if u smoke that much i would just go on a break for like 5-7days every month or 2 and that seems to work for me. But i do agree a month long t break is a little excessive.
  13. This Here^^
  14. it depends on how much you smoke. If you live by "an 8th a day keeps the Doc at bay" then one day doesn't do shit except make you wonder why your not smoking.
  15. LoL i like your whole sentence Ha!!....+REP.... i've been handing out reps all
    day like candy at a parade:D
  16. i been smokin for years and i get the same high if i have a day off as opposed to x amount of days... and dont say i dont smoke that much cause ive gone through 7 grams a night sometimes lol
  17. qft! If only! One of my friends said if you take a year off, you will get the same highs you had as a noob. But that much time away from the wonderful herb is not worth it. Yeah, and old school high would be nice, Im sure everyone here who has gone through the change and notices how it isnt as awesome as it used to be (though still fairly awesome!:smoke:) would love to have those old school highs, but it still good enough where a year off isnt worth it, and I actually took 14 months off one time (not for the old school highs, just cuz I thought I was done) and it did give me the old school highs, but I didnt have the same amount of sessions of old school stonedness that I did when I started for the first time for real.

    To the OP's question, a day off does not even count as a T-break. A week, bare minimum, two weeks better. Anything longer than that, (not counting the year thing for old school highs) is excessive, and totally not necessary.
  18. I go through about an eighth every other day. This is more so because I just don't get high anymore. It used to take me 2-3 bong hits to get very lifted. Now it takes me 2-3 bowls, but I still don't get the effect I used to. I just get a little giggly, not very confused, no racy thoughts, a nice/relaxed feeling in my chest, and thats about it. I'm sure this T-break will be worth it. I can't wait!
  19. a week or so is good for me
  20. Used to smoke daily for about 2 years. Had to stop for 3 months, and now that I'm smoking again, I can tell a HUGE difference. I love it. One bowl normally gets me to a feelin good point. A joint would do the stoned job.

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