why start in a small pot and transfer?

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  1. why do people do this?
    i just got to thinking, why do people germinate in a small pot; usualy ending up transplanting to 1 or 2 bigger pots as vegging progresses? surley you could just whack it in the pot you intend it to end up in and cause less stress and chance of damage to the roots?
    i know root density is good, but would roots not get as dense starting in a bigger pot as one transferred a few times?
  2. Good Question. Size is a concern, but I like to go from pellet to 7/11 cup, wait till a month, then go to 5 gallons. Smartpots are great, the entire bottom turns into rootball and they are reusable. Everyone should use them.
  3. It's easier to control your watering for a seedling when it's in a smaller pot. When done right, transplant causes very little stress.
  4. You also get a much better root ball. Roots will go to the edge of the container and start wrapping around it, wasting space in the middle. Starting small will keep the root ball more dense and even throughout the container.
  5. try air pots they are the best imo watch this video and they do wat they say my plants grow alot better in air pots [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NUjNBKex0I]YouTube - LincsHydro - Air-Pot introduction[/ame]
  6. I prefer smartpots to airpots.
  7. On the whole, especially when smaller, mj does not like to be over potted.

    Upcanning isn't stressful when done properly. It's a learned skill, but not rocket science.

  8. it is easier to water them and like said above it creates a better rootsystem

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