Why sometimes i can predict the future.

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  1. Hi im steffen, from Philippines, (im not good in english im sorry).. why sometimes i can predict future and be in the state of Dèjà vu , please some one can help me.

    Here is an example of my experience

    1. Predict the sentence.
    Im watching youtube. Because i want to learn something new about science about latest updates. As i watching the video i guess the person what he want to say about 2-3 sentences. And it bothers me. How am i supposed to predict what he going to say in english. It was the first time i saw that video.

    I created this account, because i search on google who can help me. I saw someone posted thesame as my problem too. The feeling of excitement has gone in my life. And people is always laughing at me when i say i know this present situation before. And know what he going to say and do.

    I need help or advice please. I dont care if you dont believe in me, you are free to laugh at me call me retarded too
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  2. You can't predict the future.. if you can what's next week's lotto numbers & what stocks are going to be up in a months time???

    Seriously though it's probably all in your head dude go see a therapist or something to see what's going on lol
  3. For me That would be Unfair to the people and it makes imbalance to the world. For that would lead me in jail.
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  4. Did you know I was going to reply and say hippopotamus? If so, you can indeed predict the future, if not you can't.
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