Why some people don't see "God" (not a man in the sky)

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  1. I'm going to use a little example here to potentially help people understand a little bit better.

    First I'll explain my definition of "God". To me, God is the energy behind everything in this universe, and everything outside this universe. God is the force behind consciousness and life itself. Keep in mind, we humans are only one form of consciousness out of a potentially infinite amount, so to think we would be able to figure out the intricacies of the force that "created" us through any human means is, quite frankly, as laughable as it is arrogant.

    Now that we got that out of the way, the reason some people don't "see" God, is because God is like a radio frequency that is everywhere at all times. But, if you don't "tune in" to the "God station" you're not going to be aware of his prescence. Just like if you don't turn your dial to the proper station, you're not going to hear the music. The music is always there, all arouond you, but unless you turn your radio on and set it to the proper frequency, silence is all you'll hear.

    I'd also like to say right off the bat, if anyone has any negativity please don't bother responding to show us all how much your life may or may not suck. If this post helps you, awesome! If not, have a good day and hopefully you'll be able to find something else that does.

  2. how do we tune in, is anything good playing right now?
  3. They all see God, they just may not call "him" that. ;)
  4. I know you were being facetious, but the easiest way to begin to "tune in" is to completely let go of all your pre-conceived notions of how the world "should" be. To let go of what makes "sense" and just look at the world for what it is, without trying to define it or describe it. From there your journey will take it's own path if you believe you're ready.

    I know it sounds easy when you read it, but it's actually extremely difficult for most people to do this, and that is only the first step. I hope you will actually give it a try instead of just scoff at the idea, for your sake.
  5. Yes as I said "God" is everywhere at all times, but no, some people don't see it. You cannot see through closed eyes, you cannot hear through shut ears, and you cannot speak of what you do not know.

    However... You can try.

    You can only hear the music, if you "tune in". ;):smoke:
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    The first part was serious, the second part was a little facetious but also serious. As letting go, I should let go of this pre-conceived notion you've given me as well, right?

    I already accept that I may be the dream and the butterfly may be real. As long as I am social, definitions and descriptions are necessary but flexible... or in other words, I didn't make the definitions and i don't need to use them in order to understand things. (it tends to help a bit tho) I see before I define. What is wrong with my radio? I don't know about this wave of yours.

    I'm always trying!
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    Yes, the idea is to let go of all preconceived notions, even those introduced by me. As I've said this is an extremely difficult thing to do, and nobody I know is able to get into this "state" all the time, myself included. But when you do taste that moment of bliss where you've literally relinquished all control of your thoughts and just be, you will understand exactly what I'm talking about.

    Definitions and descriptions are not necessary in the least. Sure they make life "easier" in some instances, but most of the time all they do is complicate things. How can one be confused if one is only observing, instead of constantly trying to define and describe.

    Again, I'm not saying to live in this state all the time (which is impossible to do until you're ready), but once you "taste" it all the other areas in your life start to become much more enjoyable, at least that's how it was for me.

    If you never stop trying, you'll find what you're searching for eventually. Just, be careful and honest with yourself about exactly what it is you're trying to find. :smoke:
  8. Outside of Time, good job at patiently trying to explain it to him! :)
  9. i like your explanation of god, it makes a lot of sense to me. that is how i feel. god isnt a seperate person or something, god is like the air, constantly mixed with everything basically.
  10. Thanks man, I've been trying to work on my patience :D

    Ya I've meditated about this sort of thing a lot and this is what really resonates with me, I'm glad it makes sense to you too. It's so hard to explain with words, he is "mixed" with everything, but he's also co-creating everything with all the different expressions of himself. Lol, like I said.... It's hard to explain with words :smoke:
  11. Yes OP, I have believed this about what "God" is for a long time...had some pretty good experiences of it also.

    Someone told me I had experienced a satori...everything just came together and BAM...there it was....could feel It everywhere, in everything, making things the way the are,...... for a very long time....was awesome to experience and have never forgotten this.
  12. Because instead of 'seeing' God. They see Jesus, Moses and Muhammed. Seems religion is more worried about their prophets then God Itself.
  13. "Gods" radio station gives me chills! He always seems to be playing the right music. :)
  14. I like that. :smoke:
  15. Why would it not make "sense" ?
  16. It makes perfect sense. However, most people's idea of what makes "sense" is based on their own pre-conceived notions, which when broken down and analyzed are really nothing more than baseless assumptions. Upon giving these notions up, and surrendering yourself to what IS, without labelling or defining, then it will REALLY make sense, much more than it ever has. You just have to TRUST that what IS makes more sense than what you THINK is, and then you will see for yourself. :)
  17. Wow Journey!!!!! I think I agree with everything you just said :wave:
  18. Nature is our higher power. Whatever caused nature, is "god".
  19. I think this is the most plausible explanation of 'God', if one exists. My philosophical thoughts typically label 'God' as the phenomenon of energy, or possibly mathematics.

    Is there a better way for a higher being to show its love for us than through the framework needed for our existence? I don't think so :D
  20. I know what you are talking about OP. It feels very real but its hard to let go of all your misconceptions. Anyways, we must know you can't arrive to the end, as it is the path where the secret lays.

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