Why some have 5 and others have 7?

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  1. i have bout 6 plants growin and there all bout 2 feet tall. i dont know the gender yet, but to of my babies only have 5 fan leaves while the rest has 7. kould this bee a sign of an ugly MALE? fill me inn.
  2. uhhh thats doesnt mean anything.you can tell its gender by putting it on a 12/12 lightin cycle and you can tell it is a male because things appear that look like balls on a stick(ha ha) and if it is a female little white hairs will emerge from the sticks.all over.you need to get rid of any ale so your females dont get fucked and become little seeds.
  3. HURM, I thought that depended on what kinda strain the seeds are? Like indica has 7, sativa has 5??
  4. lat last i saw only 10...hmmmm.still thats more than usual...but you have beautiful plants nightmare.but dont worrie about it.you'll still have beautiful plants if you water them and feed them and everything.dont worry about how many sets are on bthe leaves
  5. DIDNT SAY YOU WERE LYING.:). ey can you un-block me?

  6. Actually they are not really leaves, but leaflets all on the same leaf. It is a palmate leaf, finely divided into strong toothed leaflets. Quoted from the National Audobon Society's North American Field Guide to Wildflowers, Eastern Region, 1996.
  7. lol......

    Smokey, how old are you? No need to lie, many are auctually under 18, a moderator is 16 as well...so no point of lying they won't ban ya but I was just wondering?
  8. The number of fan leaves come with age first singels then threes then fives and so on
  9. The number of the fan leaves comes with age
  10. Ya, my plant is going into the second week of flowering and it has a couple sets of 9 leaflets.

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