why so short nad bushy?

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    Nutes are good, Ph is good, 1 23w cfl for two both have same amount of light exposure both germed same time just the other got taller both had same distance from bulb at 24/0 everything was the same soil/nutes/light etc. But both from bag seed different bags don't know what quality But think the bushy one came from some chronic just found 1 seed out of the bag but the other I'm pretty sure some mersh.
    I know there is no definite answer why just want some opinions. Thanks pics will take a minute...[​IMG]
  2. Indica dominant strains usually grow short and bushy..Bagseed genetics...Roots not developing are all probable causes.
    Most strains will double in size while in flowering
    Most likely your not providing enough light....150 actual watts for two plants is best with light 4" form plant...
  3. Different strains grow differently. Like colafarmer said, Indica usually short, and bushy. Sativa usually tall. However even 2 plants of the same strain can show different phenotypes. Kind of like fraternal twins. Same parent, but look different.

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