Why smoking tool gets you the highest?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by theotherone420, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. i've always wondered what people feel they get the highest off of. I've always felt the highest off of smoking it straight out of a hookah.
  2. I think a bong usually can make most people stupid high after about 4 or 5 packs no matter how they smoke. Facin a blunt would be an underrated choice, but bongs just fuck me up bad after a couple hits.
  3. gravity bong
  4. Well. Seeing as how this thread has been a million times, I'd be upset. But no, because I had a change in preference last night. Up until now a gravity bong or normal bong would get me the highest.. Untill I started using the Gasmask..... Not an everyday smoking piece, but still, GREAT.

  5. gravity bawng.
  6. Bong, then vape. Only thing i've blacked out on has been a cano.
  7. hmmm bong or blunt (blunt cause of the tobacco)... no fuckin way dude thats hardcore:smoking:
  8. i read in a post before that joints and blunts allow the most thc through
  9. I've been the highest after ripping a VaporWarez VaporCannon. It was my friends and I'm thinking of investing in a vape now.
  10. all i smoke is blunts...bongs when im hurtin' fuck a bong. Smoke straight blunts!!!! Take that cancer paper off and u good to go bruh.
  11. Vape box I love those damn things, and mine just broke....FUCK
  12. vapes get you fucked for sure, but gas masks are nuts, hitting through your nose i hear gets you lots higher
  13. my vaporbros gets me higher more consistently but its never made me black out; so i'd say rip by rip its a bong but my vape gets me higher
  14. bongs for the win! the water supposedly filters some of the THC out but you get an absurd amount of smoke so you get blazed:smoking: update: my female piece on my bong broke and the local headshop wont get any til thurs..so i guess my bat is gonna have to get me "the highest"
  15. for the amount of weed smoked nothing can beat my milkjug waterfall, at least IMO ;)
  16. I'm really into js right now, but I'd have to say my lil glass pipe. Humble, but effective.

    I hit a gasmask before. Not the military style ones but just a simple hospital oxygen mask that covers your nose and mouth and has a hole for a tube. Well, we stuck a blunt in that tube and BAMDAMN! That was a hell of a night.......
  17. a 3 liter waterfall, or gbong.
  18. smokin my glass hitter gets me surprising ripped up sometimes.

    usually if im lookin to get K-O'ed (all the time pretty much) ill smoke the roor, 35cm tall. 18.8 joint, straight tube. I was hopin when i bought it that 35cm was enough, kinda wanted taller, but it still tears me up. But thats the nicest piece i got, I dont know how to roll blunts or j's :(, but whenever i smoke them i get prettyyy ripped :smoking:
  19. glass one hitter or a joint.

    bongs are too easily gotten used to, vapes never got me that high and bowls are in between.

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