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Why SCHWAG can sometimes get you BLITZED

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smogo420, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. This is a phenomenon that goes against everything we learn as pot smokers.
    It usually goes something like this:
    "Hey guys, so I usually smoke dank (and have done for years), I was low on cash over the weekend. I picked up a bag of schwag last night and I got soo stoned! It was a strange, trippy high. Why is this?"
    Now, you'll get a lot of people coming up with all kinds of silly theories as to why. The real reason?

    CBN is a degraded metabolite of THC. With schwag, a lot of the time the actual plant material has potent sativa genetics, but the THC in it has downgraded over time into CBN. Basically, the older and more exposed your weed becomes, the more CBN is present in your weed.
    CBN effects include: heart racing, paranoia, munchies, brain fog, cloudy behind the eyes sort of high (I'm sure some of you can relate? The type of high where your eyes feel REALLY red and droopy), and tiredness. So this CHANGE in high can make users feel more stoned than they do off the dank. The CBN high can sometimes be a lot more intense, but is usually shorter lasting, and can sometimes be deemed as uncomfortable.
    MYSTERY SOLVED! What are your thoughts?
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  2. interesting
  3. I've felt that exact way while smoking schwag and im pretty sure thats the reason.
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  4. CBN will just make you real damn tired, Im sure the bud still has a bit of thc in it but it wont get you higher than top notch bud
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    Any weed (even schwag or shake) has the possibility to get you high. Unless it's not actually real bud never underestimate.
  6. No. CBN is psychoactive and is reponsible for the drugged up, confused feelings you can get when high. Search it up please
  7. Yeah I don't know what it is but sometimes I feel like I get higher off low grade but it is similar to what you described but the stuff I usually get just looks decent/dank but the high is pathetic so maybe It's because off that stuff I'm actually getting high
  8. The other canabinodes tend to attach better then the tch head gland. So cbds are high.

    I only get sleepy from shwag and hate breaking it up.
    Shwag got me the highest I've been in the start.
  9. CBN makes you sedated/tired. No psychoactive effects
  10. I didn't mean cbds are the high. I said they are high. As in quantity of the shwag content.
  11. I like it. It makes a lot of sense, as a pretty much constant high grade smoker, I too get the tidal wave high of not having smoked that particular grade in a while. I don't really ever seek out schwag on purpose or anything, but I do appreciate the variety in the high I get when I do stumble across it. There have been occasions with certain schwag or mids that that phenomena has gotten me highs comparable to a decent dab.


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