Why Prohibition? - Cannabis in Canada

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  1. watch my doc on cannabis prohibition in canada

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8B8T5ARp4M]YouTube - Why Prohibition? - Cannabis in Canada[/ame]

    thanks for watching!

  2. Little on the short side but w/e, still a good presentation. I like that it gives the Canadian side of things, because up here, everyone smokes. And the cops do not give a FUCK :D. Plus, under an ounce is decriminalized in Canada.

    Basically, a smart Canadian has no excuse to get busted. My only regret is that I probably won't have a cool busted story to post in RLS.
  3. This is just a short form of the full length doc which is half a hour long
  4. I had no idea that Jack Layton said that about decriminalization. So why is it that no one likes the NDP? lol
  5. you know politicians they say one thing and then a totally different thing to some one else. anything to get a vote... so sad the state of democracy these days...

  6. up north we do! didn't we get the most ndp votes this year?
    i don't know, i know next to nothing about politics... but i recall layton making a bet with george on the hour that he'd get such and such percentage, and george said no way, but turns out they did... something along those lines.

    but anyway, yeah. i'm pretty sure they've been saying they're for legalization for years now, no?

    anyway, i'm just going to back out of this conversation since i'm not certain about anything at all.
  7. Experience has taught me that the NDP doesnt know how to handle money. I met Jack Layton seems like a cool guy... But I don't think he is right for prime minister.
  8. I'm an American cannabis user and proud of it if anyone were to ask me i wouldn't deny it:smoke::smoking:

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