why posting on GC is so great...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. well i figure before i go on owth the rest of this ill let you all know im pritty drunk right now. ive rank about 1/4 of a bottle of smirnoff tripple distilled. im on my laptop which hasnt been turned on in FOREVER and i got it to wrok somehow i just dont remember.

    well im feeling damn good. GC is one of the few places where i feel i canpost what ifeel without being rediculed to heavily. this may sound like another drunk sob storry but i mean it. latley this place has become more of a family and i feel i can post about anything i want here and not feel judged loike i do in the "normal" world.

    gor remind me... i need to drink more, more offten.
  2. hell yea dude i agree GC rocks :metal: def. the best forum i have ever been a part of
  3. Hell yeah homie.

    Bad day, Worst night.

    Im damned if i do, Damned if dont, Holler fuck the world while my chest full of smoke. Another DWUI, Drunk and fucking high, Ill be out before the sun can touch the sky. I know that i, Must be high, So that i can function.

    ^^Thas how i feel.

    Im drunk as a motherfucker. Broke as a joke so smoking resin.

    Oh well, Im feelin better then i have all day, This the highlight of my day.
  4. u kiddin...i love the city.. my 2nd home literally.... u kno wat i meen

  5. post #420 :metal:

  6. a second home...thats exactly how it is for me too. I have my history set to 0 days, yet whenever i type in "G" Grasscity always pops up. Hell if it wasnt for GC, i would have no need for the internet.
  7. Hes Drunk! :wave:

    tell us your darkest secrets lol
  8. Here's another 420th post for this thread.... for all blades.
  9. wow.... i dont even remeber posting this thread... well i do kinda... be lucky i passed out after i posted this otherwise youd see 12 replies from me and theyd all be drunkin sob stories

    this was the start of a drunk sob story. hahaha
  10. Just passed my 420th yesterday :D
  11. hell yea gc is the best place ever i cant believe i found this place i actually found it ealrier than when i joined but i never saw the forum section im glad i did because now i cant stopm posting

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