Why People Smoke Weed to Treat Depression?

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  1. Your bang on the money all about self experiment. Nobody can tell you what will help or not exactly. Cannabis a very old medicine... better than chemicals.
  2. I think its more or less the same reason why anyone turns to any mind altering substance in search of good feelings, to escape from a certain aspect of a reality or to escape a reality entirely. Escapism is such a prevalent part of existence, from our media to our aspirations; we seek fantasy and chase dreams constantly.

    A lot of people turn to different things that can distract them for a little while, from hobbies, interests, to substances. Unhappiness breeds the driving need to get away to a better place, drugs offer a very fast easy route to those in grave need versus using your minds eye and some hobbies/books. Almost anyone with hands can pick up a pipe and smoke, try picking up a 1k+ page complicated work of literary art like the hobbit as a newby reader or an illiterate lol. It takes time and effort to develop reading skills, or talents.

    I think if more people read and were into books or created with their hands, drug use would be down, especially dangerous drug use. Not that I consider marijuana with negative connotations.
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  3. What works for some, may not work for all. Although I believe in states with recreational, you can get a much more tailored bud experience and help in choosing the right strain.

    Pot helps a lot of people with anxiety, but likewise I have friends whose anxiety only gets worse with it. Regardless, a much safer alternative than the effects of long term anti-depressants and mood stabilizers

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  4. Thanks for your suggestion and experience. impress with your line (eat healthy and smoke weed and cut out alcohol) :smoking-rapper:
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  5. Yes, I am agreed with you i.e work for some:thankyou:
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  6. Thank you all for giving Your suggestion and sharing an experience with me ...... m looking for more related to Weed!
  7. Thank you very much for sharing your views..

  8. But cannabis is the most safest compared too all the other mind altering strains.
  9. There are lots of people dies after drinking an alcohol rather than marijuana. M not against about alcohol, not a marijuana but this is a report generated by USA I forget the year actually.
  10. cannabis strains with D-limonene in them are for depression.... start eating more cannabimimetics with D-limonene and uplifting terpenes in the mimetics
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  11. Can you explain more please if you don't mind
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    Maybe. Maybe not. One of the MANY things not fully understood about Cannabis' medicinal qualities is the wide spectrum of effects seen from different strains, and even between different ingestion methods of the same strain.
    Maybe sometime after the the plant gets de-listed from Schedule-I of the Controlled Substances. Here's another thing most do not realize: This is a twofold attack on Cannabis that started when economic interests in the 1930's (high-rollers in business and politics) competing with weed in the marketplace successfully managed to completely demonize and ban the substance soley for the purpose of unfair market advantage to sell competing products from the pharmaceutical, textile and petro-chemical industries. No really meaningful research may be accomplished at the necessary scale as long as that roadblock remains in place. The 'ol geezers in power now probably don't even know why they continue supporting the ban anymore. And if they do, it is only because they have vested interests in tobacco, alcohol, healthcare, etc.
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  13. Thanks @Acewiza for sharing a information
  14. Look here if you have the time and inclination to know all the gory details.

    My analysis and tribute to Mr. Herer is here.
  15. Thanks @Acewiza
  16. Because you ever burn 1 then your instantly smiling . It treats depression really good .
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    5ACBE224-98ED-42D3-BADB-E226B6C1433A.jpeg DECCDB87-F01F-4E31-BF36-2D5BAB7A1B8C.jpeg 63DB9CAD-6A7C-432B-A892-8F3BD34044F3.jpeg Terpenes and tempature make a difference when vaporizing weed
    Bottom chart you see how OGK is in diffrent categories it’s an all around strain good for anything.
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  18. Thanks @Canadian kush smoker for your views. Good Night :smoking-rapper:
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  19. thanks, @CBDBurner it takes time for understanding all these things. i"ll get back to you after understand all these pictures and what is all about and really thanks for sharing such a informatic information for me

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