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why people laugh at creationist

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by blazeallday2479, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. A great video series I found on youtube. I believe theres 26 parts and all pretty short videos. He takes claims made by creationist and then proves them wrong. Every video is very entreating and you learn a lot of REAL facts not faux words written in a faux book which is very hypocritical(thats just for christianity every world wide religion is dumb and retarded).
    Cause south park didn't have the balls. Fuck Muhammad and fuck the religion of islam. Tho my fan base is 0 and south park has a wide audience I still said it.

    [ame=]YouTube - Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1)[/ame]

    p.s- dont wanna be a buzz kill with the swearing and what not im a peaceful guy and you religious folk might be good people but when you cant believe something thats right under your nose and hold back science it grinds my gears.
  2. I don't mind the laughs.
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    well physics do not need to negate a creation theory. people need to see these are two sides to the same coin, but much like the faces of the coin, they can't see their connection, nor the other's side.

    now that being said, by "a" creation theory, i mean the ideal of that notion. the essence of a creation theory has nothing to do with NAMES, like jesus, mary, god of the jews, god of the israelites, allah, etc. christianity just tends to dominate this world, as if it is the only religion. kind of like the ignorant general belief that an atheist is someone who doesn't believe in god, but it is only in terms of christianity. by definition an A-THEIST does not believe in any god, they are not prejudice to christianity. but even most atheist's are only against the idea of a god that intervenes.

    we are god.

    we created physics, and 11 dimensions of reality. we created a system of order and chaos, time and space, choice and fate.

    it's not either side, it's both. end of debate.
  4. oh shit this actually posted.
    psilosylum we have no clue to what all "this" really is so i think we should take what we've learned in science the past few decades and run with that.
    when you say we are god i think your taking god in a different context than i was trying to take it. cause we are clearly not god just the most evolved life form with the most technology
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    okay, are you sure you want to go down the rabbit hole? you want to use recent scientific discovery right? so then lets get real recent. you know about the concept of string theory, and the multiverse correct? you understand the recent discoveries in quantum machanics right? do me a favor if you really want to talk about "this", because "evolved life forms" are not the totality, nor anywhere near it. go watch some Michio Kaku videos on youtube, and read the book "Becoming God" by Ford. then we can talk about what science has discovered now.

    also the key is to understand infinity, which is very hard to do, no matter how easy it sounds.
  6. yo recpect to u and all . LOL my self am a agnostic but dont disrespect a whole comunity and culture saying fuck islam . who the fuck are you to judge people on what they beilive
  7. So the Bible is a much more meaningful and profound epic poem when considered allegorically, not literally. What's new?
  8. For the sake of argument I would say that we should place a dividing line between 'believers' and 'unbelievers' as oppos'd to Science and Religion. Both are an abstraction, or a generalization, of one group of people, but Science and Religion have a correspondence which is rather important to Understand. Belief vs. Unbelief however, and I am sure some would strongly disagree with me on this, is the core issue between these to generalizations.

    I believe in Christ but I am not Religious. Religion is an Abstraction of Truth, it uses the Eternal Symbols presented in the Bible and replaces them with 'sacraments', demand tribute, and condemn people of 'sin'. (Know that God forgives those who have sinned, not condemns them. They condemn themselves when they do not believe. Satan is the Accuser of Sin.)
  9. If they base their entire life on a 2000 (ish) year old middle eastern cult that has holy texts that preach fear, sexism, homophobia, incest, paedophilia, extreme intolerance and violence (much like the torah and the bible, hell most organised religions) then I think people have the right to say fuck Islam.

  10. Yes I know about string theory. I love science and its really interesting to watch and read about it but if you're challenging me to a science knowledge face off you are most likely going to win cause i have horrible memory and i forget half the shit i read within a week, I watch it more just cause it amazes me. but i really dont see where your taking your statement i never said there wernt any multiverse or other theories to how this universe started.
  11. I view science and religion to be the samething, both telling the same story with different characters.

    What I don't understand is why the two are always fighting, why everyone is always fighting over petty arguments. Why do are so many people arguing over beliefs don't matter? I mean we are here, end of story. Who cares how we got here, we're here. Who cares why we're here, we're here. Who cares where we'll go, we'll go there. Stop bringing more problems into the world that will never get solved.

  12. LOL...the bible teaches water is in where the young man get's his religious teachings from are beyond me....


  13. i only brought this up cause i like to debate over this its fun im not trying to start shit. and i notice your from poughkipse i went to the flaming lips show there like a week ago, pretty sick little city you got there
  14. It is pretty boring city once you lived in it your whole life, but we do get some pretty decent bands rolling through, yesterday was Chelsea Grin and Impending doom and various others.
  15. I am the rabbit.

    I have found an interest in Infinity lately as well.

    I am of the idea that we as human societies cannot fully conceive something that was never created and will never end. Usually, for the purpose of communication, 3-dimensional beings agree upon an objective reality- based upon falsifiable evidence, and we spend lifetimes learning how to exist and interact within these limitational boundaries. The closest we as humans will ever get to a genuine comprehension of Infinity comes upon the "deaths" of our reincarnational existences... but we can't be sure of that, because we're still alive. That's why we look towards Science for "the proof" to entertain us while we wait.

    "God" is Infinity in-formation.

    The story of the man named All That Is.
  16. Science has proof though wheras religion is a social construct taken from its original form and distorted to become tools of control and really just a form of social acceptance.

    There may be some truth buried in there tho because whenever im on acid or shrooms my mind starts making metaphors about everything, i can sense the connection and patterns between all things i cant when im sober, and concepts like the infinity are at least understood a bit better. But i decided WHEN i was trippin that christianity is bullshit and everyone should make up their own religion.
  17. also Chelsea Grin is bomb

  18. Without religion the theory that science presents would not exist. Religion gave us a means to an end. It provided an answer to questions believed un-answerable. Through time however people matured and saw religion as more of a fairytale. So emerged an answer to the answers of the un-answerable, (hopefully you understand that). That answer was scince. All science does (IMO) is simply re-write the story with, for lack of a better word, more description. Or what we believe to be more descriptive. If you honestly look at the base of science its not that far off from religion.
  19. Hold up. Why couldn't science exist without religion?

    People didn't mature we got new technology allowing us to see the world around us for what it really is. (hopefully you understand that) Also people were persecuted if they didnt believe a certain religion and really had no logical way of explaining the events around them so religion became their answer....or else they died or were outcasts.

    Science isnt stories though? Science describes processes that the natural world goes through. This is done through EXPERIMENTS which over time are repeated enough times that we can make assumptions about our world based on common occurences. Also science speaks NOTHING of morals which is the foundation of just about every religion.
  20. Experiments first start off with a HYPOTHESIS which is an EDUCATED GUESS. None of the EXPIREMENTS have CONCLUDED since TIME has yet to ceace and the UNIVERSE has what to IMPLODE.

    Science is nothing but an EDUCATED GUESS where as religion is just a GUESS, how is putting educated in front make it any different from a regular guess.

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