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Discussion in 'General' started by THCdelta11, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. why doesn't grasscity allow conversation on topics that involve other drugs. we are allowed to talk about alcohol tobacco and weed so why not allow talk on psychedelics or stimulant type drugs
  2. Because it's grasscity, a weed forum. We're allowed to talk about tobacco and alcohol because they're legal so it doesn't make much difference. It's a forum for one illegal drug, and thats weed. There are plenty of forums for others.
  3. I've heard that we used to be able to.
  4. It's true.

    And OP what the other person said, this is GRASScity..it was the owners decision and he wanted weed discussion only. (or alcohol and tabacco)

    I wish we could talk about other unmentionables too, but it won't happen..ever. They have made up their mind and like it this way a lot better.
  5. pandoras box?

  6. Can't talk about other drugs there anymore :/
  7. I really hate that argument.

    There are sections for topics that aren't weed related,so maybe we should get rid of those,cause hey,it's GRASScity.

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    Yes but those are legal discussions...Do you really want a bunch of threads on how to shoot up safely or how much of a drug you can take without ODing? I mean the owner does have a point...Major legal issues come with it.
  9. Legal reasons. You can not overdose on Marijuana, but what would happen if someone Overdosed on something and they got the info from here? Betcha you would see it on the news and something would happen in the legal system.
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    Yes,I understand that.

    But there are also legal things that we are not allowed to discuss.
    See,I understand this part,but there are things you can not overdose on,yet we are not allowed to discuss them.

    You could (but highly unlikely)overdose on weed and can most definitely overdose on alcohol.If someone makes a thread and asks if he should drive drunk and one dickhead says yes and that guy goes out and dies,would alcohol discussions be banned from this forum?
  11. Those other things you are talking about are also harmful and are not to be consumed. Thats why, there are not ment to be smoked or anything they are ment for scent. I know stupid but thats the 'intended' purpose.
  12. Because the owner finds it a huge liability for his forum and he said no

    Simply put
  13. Not the legal things I meant,but yeah,I guess that too.
  14. one of the big reasons why we can't discuss it anymore is because the box was filled with threads from underage kids asking about how much cough syrup they should drink, or asking members for advice on how much pills to take etc..

    it would be cool if we could talk about acid, shrooms and blow etc like adults.. but unfortunately people always ruin good things. shit there was even a post with a picture of a blade shooting heroin in his arm. (i think that may have been the final blow)

    the big fear that the site ownership had was some 13 year old coming on here and asking for dosage advice, then overdosing and his parents suing him.

    so i do understand why they decided not to allow the discussion anymore even if it's a bummer.

    i enjoyed talking about tripping on here back in the day and sharing my (way too many) experiences.. but sometimes good things have to come to an end.

    i hope y'all understand why this was done.


    PS: alcohol and tobacco are legal substances and weed is tolerated in the Netherlands (which is where the server is located) so that's why we are allowed to discuss these things here.
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