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Why only one dose of Canna PK-13/14?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by jus_chillin, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Why does Canna recommend using only one dose of the PK-13/14 additive for only one week during flowering?

    My babies (Bubba Kush) just finished their 3rd week of flowering (with PK-13/14) and buds are nicely forming but not massive in size.

    Would it be harmful for the plant to be given another dose of PK-13/14 for the 4th week as well?

    Does it look like my yield will be decent for being under 250w HPS and only being 3rd week of flowering?


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  2. You shouldn't use it this early into flowering (you will burn your plants). On an 8 week flowering plant PK13/14 should be used from the start of week 6 to the end of week 6 (1 week), along with your regular flowering nutrients. PK13/14 is concentrated phosphorus and potassium, it will boost fruit production in a flowering female plant, meaning your buds will get bigger during the right time period of flowering.
    I use PK13/14, and it's the only additive i use along with my flowering nutrients. It says use 2ml per litre of nutrient solution, but when i first gave my plants that dosage, it burned them, i now only give half the dosage (1ml per litre), and my plant are happy with that. Maybe it's because my plants a 8 week flowering plants and the dosage on the bottle is for longer flowering plant like a 12 weeker, i don't know. But if i were you i'd start off with a smaller dose, rather that giving them too high a dose and stress the plants.
    Your plants are looking well for 3 weeks into flower, they are not mean to be massive yet, wait til you see them 1 or 2 week before harvest.
  3. do you know of anyone using it for longer? im not going to use shooting powder from H&G cus im broke but i bought PK13/14 instead of H&G's top booster and was wondering if i should use it a little longer in absence of shooting powder
  4. Its ok to use troughout the flowering process from beginning to finish. Just make you use as directed and do not go over 800ppm in your water! Tho if you can find something like 00.00.50 would be better for the last 4 weeks of flowering. Check out my nutrient link should help to understand the ratio!
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    I emailed CANNA asking them about the application of PK13/14. My current bottle states that the product should be applied ONLY ONCE at THREE weeks before harvest. I asked the rep what stage in the plants life is this "three weeks before harvest" referring to.

    I want to know during which of the following stages is the product supposed to be applied:
    1. the stretching phase
    2. after the stretching phase
    3. when flowers (buds) first form
    4. when flowers are mostly formed and begin to increase in size
    5. when flower size is set and resin production increases

    This was the reps response:

    I am currently growing two clones of headband that have just begun the second week of flowering. Buds are starting to form. I guess now would be the time to apply the pk13/14. I have a little bit left over pk13/14 from previous grows. After its all tapped out this time around, I'm moving on to ATAMI's BLOOMBASTIC.
  6. This would fit in my recipe when using the 00.52.34 ;)
  7. just wanted to correct this thread canna pk 13/14 should be used at the first sign of flowering if you read the usa paperwork not the uk papers for feeding the canna way it will tell you this also it wont burn your plants you will just waste money because they wont use it and cause nutrient lock if you dont believe me go to any hydro shop that sells canna and they will tell you the same thing canna is the easiest feeding program on the planet perfect for the beginner to expert i recomend 100%
  8. So to clarify do you feed as soon as buds form or 3 weeks before harvest... Or both!?
  9. i think pk is used in week 3 or 4
  10. 13/14 is strong, really strong.
    Dont let it burn. Keep thinking about it.
    Really 14/14 (NPK)
    Canna says the ole usa Or PENNA Dept of Ag wouldnt allow it. Go figure.
    What Id like to know is about BOOST.
    Does it? Is it worth it? Does anyone have aktual proof?
    And Flushing.
    Works for me!
    Canna damns it and calls it an amerikan hippie phenomenon
    Despite everything wrong with americuh, whats wrong with us and our foolish ways?
    Were all hippies on this bus
    Anyone got any ideas on flushing? on BOOST?
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    Cannabis has been grown for years before these 'Horty Capitalists' cashed up, a smart grower would move to Organics, and appreciate some good smoke
    ps why this shit should be posted in 'advanced' is beyond any sensible reasoning....?
  12. Use it after week 2 thru week 8. This is an additive and can be used thru out flowering. It can be used every feeding or every other it really up to the grower, and as stated already just don't burn. I'm usually safe around 1000-1300. Every plant is diff tho.

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  13. To make room for other bullshit additives that you dont need in the first place.

    Its all about the $$$ kids.
  14. Well V a smart grower would stick to a simple balanced diet, whether that be soil or not. Bat and worm shit isn't for everyone.
  15. i think what a lot of people are forgetting to do when using "any" pk booster, is reducing their base nutes.  you can't expect to add more ppm to your regular nutes (at the same strength.) and add on top of that, more ppm without burning your plants.  so to safely use a pk booster (LOL, without burning your girls.) reduce base nutes, then add a pk booster...
  16. Using pk depends on when your ladies will finish flowering. If you have any early finisher you need to use pk early. I have experimented with pk on over 30 harvest and my strains are a 6-8 week flowering time. I use pk at the start of week 4 and use it until the edges of the fan leaves start to turn yellow. Give them another week of regular flower nutes and then start the ph flush for about 10 days or until the fan leaves start to turn color. Plant thinks its fall at this time and will show colors of yellow and purple. This is prime time for harvest. Check your trichomes under the scope they should all be milky with some amber.
  17. flushing isn't entirely necessary unless your plant is burning. Boost is a great product. I love it and use it almost every grow, even if it is a bit more expensive. probably my favorite flowering additive on the market.

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