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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jada, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. Alright-igot 1 for ya

    today i went to take my behind the wheel test at the dmv. ya know i'm an adult, and i figure these things are becoming neccesary. Well n e wayz its raining-not good, th-first I forget the insurance statement for my car-so i go home. I come baack and i do everything right!! but my right rear breaklinght won't come on when the cars off, only when its on, so they won't let me finish the tesy. Since its only an electrical problem, I leave the dmv to take it up the street, andI get in an accident as I'm turning out of the DMV. not a good day damnit, but at least I'm home now and i can smoke to relieve my fucked up mind
  2. wow thats pretty sucky....i hope your next test goes well
  3. No sweat jada, I got in a wreck on the way to dmv the first time (NOT my fault)....you'll ace it next time!! ;) :smoke: ;)
  4. Thanks for the posotive wishes of luck. Hopefully everything will go alright next time, but it really sucked. But atleast no one got hurt, and i realized 1 thing-i would've gotten hit during my test, so at least I dodn't take it today.
  5. Jada hope your car didn't suffer too bad in the accident!
    You'll do fine once the test rolls around, it's a good thing you didn't take it in the rain~
    i always get nervous when i have to do things like tests, so that plus the rain would have been very hard for you, go back on a sunny day and good luck :)

    p.s. i was just looking at our lil "monikers"..
    lady of passion... super dork... blazed blue's man... we could be comic book heros with names like that ! :p
  6. dant da da daaaaaaaa! Lmao!! BB-man here to blow ya da Blues and chill ya out !! :smoking: COME ON SUPADORK, LADY of PASSION........to da HERB CAVE!!! :smoking:
  7. Well maybe if I pass my test soon, at least us superheros will have a supercar to ride around in. I'm gonna go take it again next week, but it just pisses me off!!!! Oh well, at least i had good bud to smoke when i got home!!!! it kinda made up for all of it, and in a way-gave me my super powers back
  8. ah, yes, i too, feel that my super powers are super strengthened by the herb..
    maybe it's like popeye's spinach, it gives us strength ;D
    good luck Jada!
  9. Jada~

    It's ok...I had to take the test 3 times before I passed it... Just keep trying and you'll make it!

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