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  1. i didnt know it was gona be shit when i started reading it obviously, and i like to finish what i start so i soldiered on through to the end
  2. Alright, looks like some of you guys wanted to be dick heads, thanks. I only wrote it that way because it's the internet, and I really don't care if spell wrong or even have terrible sentence structure. I don't need to be serious and type correctly. I can do what I want and I will. It's just a post, not an essay.

    Here's The broken pipe I smoked through. I still have it, and could possibly fix it with a big screen. Named this pipe "Helms Deep". If you cherried the bowl, it'd be called a "Hell Hit" and getting you "Hell High" - my friends stoner lingo.

    First bong that fell off the bench. Named it "Creeper" due to the way the rip hit you. Only pic I have of it.

    My bong and a friends bong. My friends bong is green.
    His bong broke in a recent car crash, but he has a new one now. It already has a broken down tube.
    This is the second bong I had that I kicked walking over to the owner of the other bong's house (close by). Bought the same one twice, as mentioned earlier.
  3. fascinating stuff
  4. awesome piece!
  5. Spliffs are awesome

    Stop trollin this thread bro
  6. Na not at all my brotha , your pretty pathetic just saying that to someone over the internet.
  7. Damn I hope those were all China Glass >:X

  8. damn i thought this was the chill out zone...
  9. see above

  10. [​IMG]

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