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Why not vapes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FuckBeerGetWeed, May 13, 2011.

  1. Most of the threads people post all have smokin out of a pipe/bong or a blunt/joint. What i want to know is, why dont you guys just smoke outta vapes like MFLBs? Correct me if im wrong but dont u inhale like 95% ThC when using a vape compared to like 25% with a bowl? i could be totally wrong on that but im under the impression you get much more thcfrom vapes then anything else. and dont vapes mask the smell very well?

    Not tryna troll at all, just curious because ive been thinking about geting a vape an want to know if its worth it.
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    JI'd say go for it, I've experimented with my bong and my vapes and I have noticed a BIG difference.I have to smoke like 4 or 5 bowls of dank but I don't get really baked.If I vape 1 bowl on my iolite or mflb I get really baked.If I vape two bowls I'm gone.I also noticed I can vape multiple times a day without getting headaches like the ones that I get when I smoke a lot.And yes you do get much more thc from vapes.And it does smell a little like burnt popcorn if you heat it enough but much less than smoking.
  3. Its def worth it but.... Most cheap ones are exactly that cheap. If your going to buy one get a good one like a volcano my friend has one it gets you lifted proper. Ones with the bags are the way to go. I prefer joints and bongs because I like to keep it old school.
  4. You don't get 95% thc compared to 25% from a bong haha; there's going to be a much higher ratio of THC to CBN/CBD, etc. with vapor carrying the THC as opposed to smoke. It's not THAT different from smoking. I would use the word cleaner to describe it personally.

  5. You can get vapes just as good as the Volcano for 1/3 the price. If you have $600 to throw away it's worth it to some, but look around first. Lots of good vapes in the $200 range.
  6. I don't get high often enough to justify buying a decent vaporizer.

    I also love smoking.
  7. This is like asking why everyone doesn't drive ferraris. Vaporizers are absolutely worth the money, but not everyone likes them, or has the stack of cash to use up on a smoking device.
  8. Vapes really aren't all that expensive when you figure how many uses you will get out of them over time...and there is no denying the health benefits. I still smoke through my bubbler often though...just something about the act of smoking that I enjoy.
  9. Ive never vaped but I just like hittin the bong or the Jay it feels old school and im doing what makes me happy :smoking:
  10. I ordered my MFLB just last night xD.

  11. THAT advice is absolute bullshit. There are TONS of vapes that cost half of what the Volcano costs that are equally as good. And..........for many, many vape users, bags are NOT the way to go.
  12. Vapes are a completely different high. I own a vape, usually prefer smoking. However, times like this before work i'll vape so that ill be less burnt out and less stoned, more high.
  13. I felt like that the first few years I had smoked weed, but after years and years you realize they aren't. At all. Just slight differences and such.

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