why not support https?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by mrsmichigan, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Why not support HTTPs? for the sensitive nature of what people put here, I'd feel much safer with that. Right now I usually use a proxy, but when I want to post or view pictures the proxy doesn't support cookies so I can't.

    I just feel so vulnerable and exposed with http only! What's up?
  2. cops have better shit to do than police online forums for growers and smokers.
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    https on this kind of traffic for all pages will destroy the server performance, vbulletin does is not very user friendly to https usage for register info.

    Other that than account pages, sending forum data over https is kind of useless as it is an open forum for everybody to see.

  4. It's not a huge huge deal, just something that give me peace of mind. I can totally understand a significant performance hit with https, doesn't mean it doesn't make me nervous :)
  5. I Would like to see https In use here. Other forums seem to be able to handle the load with no ailments. I'm sure you guys could do it!
  6. This maybe a possibility , at least for login and user control panel , but again no promises :)
  7. Great do everything you can! It would make myself feel much safer even if it doesn't do THAT much. Peace of mind is nice :).

    Thanks Gnik Drazil.
  8. I don't know, I think without allowing HTTPS for the whole site, it's not all that effective. Then again, it's a public forum, so...
  9. yeah come on GC HTTPS this whole shindig!

    Its 2013 now - no more excuses for HTTPS slowing down server loads.

    At this point I think the problem is complacency & lack of motivation from the administrators POV.

    I admit I could be very wrong, but I just don't understand how other forums of equivalent size handle HTTPS with no ill effects.

    I post a lot of things on here that could somehow potentially ruin my life - so please for the sake of the users here apply HTTPS.

    I'm making a decision now - if HTTPS is not in use on the GC forums a month from this posting. I'm done with GC and will have to delete/lock my account.

    I mean no disrespect, I just want to feel safe.

  10. I am sorry but i have to respond this.

    Grasscity Shop is fully on HTTPS and we pretty correctly value the effects of https , we also have pretty good system admins that optimise our servers. Our team is pretty capable to handle these.

    Though Grasscity Board doesn't have any real personal information that needs to be saved at the moment. If that changes in future in a way , we will 100% implement https on area's that holds sensitive information.

    I also already stated that there is a possibility we will implement this.

    But this is currently a low priority for us as we have our hands filled with many incoming different project related to Grasscity.

    We value opinion which can clearly be seen by number of different ongoing threads within Grasscity Board. Thank you for your suggestion but please try not to be teachy in future , that will be way more positive feedback in my opinion.

    Also please note that when https is implemented , it will be implemented on specific pages. Not all Grasscity Board will be running under https

    Again , thank you for your suggestion.
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